Now pay more for vegetables in Mumbai

Vegetable prices have risen after there was heavy rainfall in the last few days in Mumbai which caused waterlogging. A lot of the produce was damaged resulting in inflated prices


Mumbai witnessed heavy rainfall over the weekend which caused chaos across the city. Adding to Mumbaikars' woes, now the prices of vegetables have soared after the city was lashed with heavy rains. The rainfall resulted in disruption of the rail services and also caused waterlogging at a number of places.

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According to the vegetable vendors, waterlogging caused spoilage to the produce due to which, prices of the vegetable stock have increased tremendously.

The Dadar Bhaji market recorded the sale of vegetables from 675 trucks along with tempos. Prior to the heavy rains, cauliflower was sold at ₹10-₹15 per kg but soon after Sunday rains, the prices soared to ₹15-₹25 per kg. The vegetable vendors cited spoilage of vegetables as the reason for inflated prices. 

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The market witnessed a gradual fall in the number of consumers which caused in loss of revenue for the vegetable vendors.

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