Central Railway's Power block

Central Railway's Power block
Mumbai  -  

Mumbai- Central Railway will carry out work near Byculla Bridge, due to which power block will be initiated between Sandhurst and Currey road station from 11.40 pm to morning 5.50 am. This work will be initiated from 28th January midnight till wee hours of 29th January. Slow trains leaving from CST will run on fast line from 11.30 am to 5.46 pm. Slow locals leaving for CST will run on fast line from 11.26 pm to 5.46

These locals will not run during power block

Down line-

CST- Kurla- 11.25 pm

CST- Thane- 12.34 pm

Up local

Kurla- CST – 5.42 am

Kurla- CST- 5.54 am

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