Railways to soon launch trial runs for Mumbai-Pune, Mumbai-Nashik local trains

While Central Railways has received the rakes from the Integral Coach Factory, Chennai, for the Mumbai-Pune and Mumbai-Nashik local train service, the rail company is yet to conduct technical and software research


Soon, Central Railways will be running trial runs for its Mumbai-Pune and Mumbai-Nashik local train services. The trial run of the Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) rakes will begin from the upcoming month. The rakes will be run as fully-functional trains and the results will be taken under consideration.

The cities, Pune and Nashik, are situated within 200 kilometres from Mumbai and therefore, there has been a demand to extend the suburban train service.

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For the first time, the EMU engine trains will pass through ghats and slopes. Therefore, despite receiving the rakes from the Integral Coach Factory, Chennai, the rail corporation wants to conduct some technical and software tests. As soon as the tests are completed, the trial for the trains will begin.

The entire procedure is expected to take at least one month as it consists of safety tests on the rakes. However, it would be an uphill task to take care of a local train covering a distance of 200 kilometres in a single journey.

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