Railways to install CCTV cameras in local trains for security purposes

CCTVs will be set up in Central Railway's 25 local trains and Western Railway's four local trains


Railways are considered to be the lifeline for Mumbai. While this mode of transport has made commuting easy for many of us, there are some to risk their lives by performing students. Over the years, there have been various instances of people dying due to rail accidents. Besides this, the passengers have also complained of pickpocketing, harassment, etc. during their journey in the Mumbai local.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of incidents, the rail corporation has decided to install CCTV cameras in the train compartments. 

As per the recent development, CCTVs will be installed in 25 local trains on the Central Railway and four local trains on the Western Railway. Data suggests that there are approximately 3,276 compartments in the 273 12-coach local trains in Western and Central Railways. 

This move is expected to increase the security for the passengers and efficiently manage the rail routes on the dedicated railway lines. It is said that this development will assist Railways in nabbing the pickpockets and the offenders harassing women in crowded local trains. 

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