Some auto and taxi drivers refusing to take trips from T2 of the international airport

Some auto and taxi drivers refusing to take trips from T2 of the international airport

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, as it is known, has caused a great deal of distress and concern for people around the world. The WHO (World Health Organization) declared this a pandemic, meaning this is now considered a global disease. Naturally, with cases coming up in India on a regular basis, there’s some amount of panic among the citizens. 

This is more apparent in Mumbai which sees a big influx of travellers visiting or returning from the affected countries. It is now being reported that some taxi and auto drivers are refusing to take trips from Terminal 2 of the international airport fearing the contraction of the virus.  

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Passengers, as a consequence, are seen to be bearing the brunt of this. The situation is similar for kaali-peeli cabs heading to T2 of the international airport. One of the union leaders, Thamby Kurien said “We appeal to NGOs to sensitise auto and taxi drivers, and distribute free masks to them. There have been eye test camps and distribution of free spectacles. Similarly, we can have camps for drivers, and give them masks and sanitisers.”

On the other hand, cab aggregator services appear to be better equipped to handle this pandemic. “Our walk-in centres across cities have been equipped with a steady supply of health advisory material, sanitisers and masks, which can be used by driver partners to ensure highest levels of cleanliness. This will help create a safer and cleaner ride for customers too,” a representative for one of the cab services in the city was quoted as saying.

An official from Ola assured that the company will take necessary steps to make sure drivers are prepared and take precautionary steps while picking up passengers. “We are iterating the importance of practising recommended personal hygiene through a dedicated preparedness module for driver-partners, which can reduce the extent of the contagion by building high awareness,” a spokesperson said. 

Uber has assured its driver-partners that the company will compensate them for the loss of pay during the 14-day quarantine period if they are found to be affected by the virus. The Central Health Ministry is believed to be working in tandem with the WHO to combat COVID-19. Quarantine procedures have been set up for those returning from the affected destinations. 

The Maharashtra Government has taken steps to curb mass gathering of people by banning ticket sales for the upcoming IPL (Indian Premier League) season matches in Mumbai. This will also affect the ongoing World Safety World Series played in Mumbai, with the remaining matches said to be played behind closed doors.

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