Truck falls off a RORO train on the Konkan Railway Line; driver escapes

The incident was reported in the early hours on Wednesday, November 18, when the driver of the truck realised the vehicle moving. Soon, it fell off the train, but the driver jumped out of the vehicle on time and saved his life.

Truck falls off a RORO train on the Konkan Railway Line; driver escapes

A shocking incident was reported on Wednesday, November 17, on the Konkan railway line, whereby an accident took place when a truck fell on a RORO train travelling between Khed and Karanjadi. The incident took place around midnight, and fortunately, the driver of the truck jumped in time to save his life. 

Reports state that the RORO train from Mumbai to Goa was one kilometre away from Diwankhavati, where, at around 1:00 AM, a truck suddenly fell on the track. 

The RORO train service on the Konkan railway line has been operational for many years, however, this is the first time, an incident of this kind has been reported, whereby a truck has fallen off a train. Reports state that the driver realised the truck shaking for a while, for some distance. he got down to the check the same, and it eventually crashed into the speeding train. Due to this incident, the mid-portion of the train derailed, adding to the troubles. Fortunately, no major incident was reported.

Reports state that the truck was carrying iron plates.

Upon knowing about the incident, other trains on the route were stopped at the nearby station, and two trains were running around two hours later than scheduled. The traffic was also restored around dawn.

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