Out of 12 entry points, 2 could be shut at CST


Amongst all railway stations in Mumbai, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) is the most frequently used station by millions of commuters. And so, to accommodate the huge crowd, there are 12 doors which enable the commuters to make entry and exit swiftly. 

Now, railway officials are planning to close down two doors (entry points) which are less used by the public. This is also been done for GRP and RPF police who otherwise find it difficult to handle the crowd during peak hours. 

These doors will be closed
A door near platform 1 which is an entry towards Times tower
Another door towards parcel department

“We will first do our research because there are chances that commuters might feel suffocated if doors are kept closed. We will study the observations and then will implement the decision,” said Sachin Bhalode, RPF senior PI.

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