Passengers can book unreserved tickets online for long-distance trains

Passengers will be able to book tickets with a click of a button and display the same to the TC, and they need not carry a printout


Passengers now will be able to book unreserved tickets for long-distance trains on their mobile phones. Prior to this, passengers would have to book unreserved tickets either by standing in a long queue or booking tickets 4-5 hours prior to the journey. But now, passengers will be able to do the same with just a click of a button.

The Indian Railways' CRIS (Centre For Railway Information System) introduced the paperless mobile ticket facility to save the passengers' time. However, due to technical constraints in the mobile network and GPS, passengers were facing difficulties in booking paperless tickets. Due to this, the Railways is now testing CRIS to make it more efficient. 

Meanwhile, passengers will be able to display their ticket of the long-distance train to the TC on their mobile phones and there will be no need to carry the print out of the same.

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