Women commuters increase by 42 per cent on Western Railway

On the occasion of Christmas, Western Railway introduced two ladies special trains


On Christmas day, Western Railway (WR) crossed the one-million mark as two women exclusive trains were launched thus increasing the carrying capacity of women commuters by 25 per cent or 10,000 more commuters. 

According to sources, the number of women commuters on WR has increased to over 10 lakh a day in 2018-19 from seven lakh a decade ago (2007-08) i.e. a 42 per cent rise. Total commuter strength on the WR suburban corridor is around 36 lakh. According to WR’s survey, 30 per cent of the total daily commuters are women and most of them are office-goers and pass-holders.

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WR has revised the timetable slightly after launching two ladies special trains. Amongst the two new trains, one slow train will depart from Bhayander at 9:06 am and will reach Churchgate at 10:30 am, and another slow local will depart Vasai Road at 10:04 am and will reach Churchgate at 11:30 am.

WR chief spokesperson Ravinder Bhakar informed that the ladies special that will depart Virar at 8.44 am will be postponed by 12 minutes and will now depart at 8:56 am. Other changes in the timetable include two new services—a fast train departing Churchgate at 11:33 am to reach Nalasopara at 12:48 am, and a slow local departing Churchgate at 11:09 pm to reach Bhayandar at 12:28 am. 

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