WR to take one minute break on 16th February

    WR to take one minute break on 16th February
    Mumbai  -  

    Churchgate- In order to lower the rail accidents which are increasing day by day, Western Railway has decided to conduct a special awareness programme ‘Zinda Hain’. This will run for five months.

    WR will kick start the programme by maintaining silence for one minute at Churchgate station on 16th of February. Every month they will organise different events to create awareness. The second month, WR will set up photos of people and statistics of rail accidents. In the third month, they will showcase short films. Likewise, all five months, WR will host different events.
    Approximately, 74 lakh commuters commute on a daily basis where 12-13 people die in rail accidents. Considering the increasing number, WR decided to carry out the awareness programme.

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