Millenials should first focus on their studies and then consider Tik Tok as a full-time career: Anupriya aka oolfat, Tik Tok Influencer

In an exclusive interview, Anupriya, who has over 500k followers on the App, spoke about her aspirations of becoming an IAS officer and what led her to become a Tik Tok star.


Tik Tok is an insanely popular application across spectrums. However, this controversial app suffered from an ‘existential crisis’ in its recent ban which was later lifted. It’s active users and popular creators were in a dilemma and therefore in an exclusive interview with Mumbai Live Oolfat aka Anupriya who boasts 557k followers and 10million hearts on Tik Tok shared her insights about the application and spilled some beans about her journey of being successful on the application. 

Anupriya, an IAS aspirant, while talking about how she came across the application, said, "Two years back I didn’t qualify for IAS exam and started having many self-doubts. I had randomly come across Tik Tok (former advertisement on Facebook and installed it without a second thought. Initially, I had a hard time understanding what the application is all about but eventually figured it out that it’s all about wearing your best outfit, flaunting some makeup and lip syncing to songs. I had always been fond of makeup and started making videos on my phone and since then there has been no looking back”.  Here's her Tik Tok video which was posted on Instagram describing her journey.

Her followers have always agreed that her videos have been distinctive than other creators. Speaking about her inspiration and the process of making a video she said. “ The ideation process is always random and highly inspired by the day-to-day activities going on in the house and with my friends. Sometimes I’m listening to a song and an idea strikes randomly. After finalising the idea, it takes about 3-4 hours to record the video and another 2 hours for editing."   

Her most popular and quirky video has undeniably been the ‘Bollywood stars v/s Tik Tok stars’ “I got the idea for that video from the ‘for you’ section on Tik Tok where I observed that many Tik Tok stars overdo certain emotions by using glycerin, water and whatever they could find. On the contrary in Bollywood they genuinely portray emotions, therefore, I wanted to convey that it's not about over-expressions but the right-expression”.   

Talking about Tik Tok as a career she said, “Millenials should first focus on their studies and if you’re creative enough with a good vision then definitely one could consider Tik Tok as a full-time career. However, they need to be careful as teenagers can also fall prey of sexual predators. Tik Tok creators can earn from brand endorsements and with the prize money Tik Tok offers with various challenges and gives impetus to our talent’s exposure. I have got an offer from a popular music label and various people have approached me for auditions in daily soaps. Even though the earnings can be fluctuating but one can earn anything between 20,000 to 2 lakhs in a month."   

Tik Tok ban must have come across as a surprise for its creators but not for Anupriya, “I knew the ban would be temporary as the allegations were baseless. There has been a tremendous change in the app after the ban. Tik Tok's algorithms boosted vulgar content as such videos fetch more engagement rate but now the moderation has become strict and a video showcasing even an iota of vulgarity will be removed from the platform. However, it definitely boosts unique and  creative video.

She ended the conversation by throwing light on her life lessons by Tik Tok and said that the app has helped her revive her childhood talents and further helped her to explore herself to the best. She did things in her reel life which wouldn’t have been possible in real life like her makeover as a boy and she’ll always be indebted to the love she receives from her followers. 
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