Baarish 2 review: This Sharam Joshi-Asha Negi starrer deserved a better ending

Baarish 2 review: This Sharam Joshi-Asha Negi starrer deserved a better ending

In the beginning of the first season of Baarish’s we saw Gauravi aka Asha Negi in jail for a crime she did not commit. In the subsequent episodes, we get to know that she is in this position only for love. We also get to see how her love story formulates with Anuj played by Sharman Joshi.

Gauravi is a simple middle-class Maharashtrian girl and Anuj a self-made jewellery chain owner. They keep bumping into each other without realising that Gauravi is actually a saleswoman in one of the showrooms owned by Anuj’s chain.

While there is a certain chemistry between Auj and Gauravi but they are seldom seen acting on it or even realising the same. However, they end up getting married in an arranged marriage set up. Anuj’s younger sister Shreya falls in love with Gauravi’s younger brother Aniket. Aniket has the same middle-class values that Gauravi and wants that his sister should get married before him. So Anuj’s mother comes with a magic formula that both the sibling duo should get married on the same day. Voila there happens Gauravi gets married to Anuj and Shreya with Aniket.

After getting married in the arranged marriage set up, the love between Anuj and Gauravi in the rain. They both realise how similar they are in terms of the values.

However, things take a drastic turn when Anuj’s younger brother who thinks that he is the entitled heir of the empire takes everything in his stride, leaving Anuj with absolutely nothing. He also falsely accuses Anuj for the mishap that happens in one of the restaurants. Like in every Hindi serial Gauravi takes the blame for the entire episode. The first season closes with the cliff hanger, with Gauravi is jail and Anuj trying to get her out with no money and no reputation.

The season does not start with where things left. It flash-forwards to eight months, where we see Anuj and his mom living with Gauravi’s family. Both scrambling to find a job. The charges against Gauravi are dismissed and there is no mention of how. Shreya and Anuj’s younger brother, Rishi are back in the country and continue to feel that Gauravi’s entire clan is a gold digger and they were every bit fair in taking over things from Anuj..

In the 11 episode series, we see Gauravi and Anuj take their relationship to the net level. The pair who were completely uncomfortable being in the same room is now unable to get their hands off each other. Asha Negi right from the first season looked like a replica of Nikki Aneja from the 90s, especially in the title montage. While she is able to hold her character in a believable mold, there is no real chemistry visible between her and Sharam right from the first season and it does not get better here.

The good part is since Sharman is not stammering like he was in the first season. The pace of the show is good and the storyline will engage the regular audience with its interesting twists and turns. In this show we see Jeetendra play the role of a marriage counselor and he does a decent job in this short but vital role.

Some of the intense scenes are really good but one is unable to figure out why a certain actor is behaving in a certain manner. There are some new faces being added in this season, which includes Abhishek Verma of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame. He is a great addition to the cast and we sure wish we could see more of him on the show.

The main storyline drags post-episode 6. While one wants to feel sorry for Gauravi and Anuj and the hardships they are facing but one is simply not able to empathize with Anuj as he continues to repeat his past mistakes and choose blood relatives over the ones that have stuck by him in his tough times. 

The ending of the show is the most disappointing aspect of the show. It seems that things are just left half baked and frustrated. It is okay to end with a cliff hanger or wanting for more but this ends makes one wonder if it would have been better to skip the season and only watch it when they come with the next season as well so as to get some closure.