Bigg Boss 14: When Jaan Kumar Sanu channelled Dolly Bindra

Bigg Boss 14: When Jaan Kumar Sanu channelled Dolly Bindra

From the very first episode, Jaan Kumar Sanu has been struggling to make a mark for himself in the Bigg Boss House. Before going in the show, Jaan had confessed to Mumbai Live that he is a big fan of the controversial reality show and followed all seasons quite diligently. He also mentioned that he has been a big follower of the Sidharth Shukla's game strategy.

From the very first episode, he is been accused of dancing on the tunes of Nikki Tamboli and falling footsteps of others. In Tuesday's episode, one got another glimpse of the same as Jaan Kumar Sanu was seen yelling, "Baap Pe Mat Jaana" (Don't drag my father in this). For those unaware, these were the exact words used by Dolly Bindra in Season 4 of the show. She too has used this term during a heated discussion and the dialogue had become quite famous. 

For the unintended, Jaan Kumar Sanu is the son of popular playback singer Kumar Sanu. Monday night, during the nomination task, singer Rahul Vaidya had reasoned that he is nominating Jaan because of nepotism. This has not gone too well with Jaan and he has been trying to pick on Rahul ever since the same. In Tuesday's episode too we did see another fight erupt between Jaan and Rahul. 

The bone of contention was not just this term but also fellow contestant Nikki Tamboli. Jaan has been vocal about his infatuation for Nikki, she, on the other hand, has never been the one to fall for this and had "friend-zoned" him. 

After this week's nomination, Jaan had nominated Nikki for eviction and post this, Nikki too has put a question mark on their friendship. Furthermore, Nikki has been seen gelling more with Rahul for the last couple of days. All this combined made Jaan very furious and he even made a comment regarding speaking in Marathi, which has led to another controversy altogether. 

Be that as may it would be good if Jaan would rise above the trivialities and channel something original while his stay in Bigg Boss. 

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