Ananya Pandey starts a new Digital Social Responsibility initiative "So Positive"

The actress created a video and took to social media to share the announcement, stating that the initiative focused on creating maximum awareness on social media bullying.


Emphasising on the social media etiquette, Bollywood actress Ananya Panday announced her new Digital Social Responsibility (DSR) initiative  "So Positive" against online bullying. The announcement came on World Social Media Day and the initiative aims to build a community to create maximum awareness on social media bullying.

Sharing the news among her followers, Ananya took to social media and posted a video, urging people to stop creating hatred on social media platforms. She shared the post talking about her personal struggles with social media bullying, with a message that read, "A part of growing up is taking responsibility and as a woke millennial I, Ananya Panday introduce you all to my Digital Social Responsibility initiative 'So+'."

"Our generation is prone to insensitive remarks. I wonder why civil conduct followed in real life is not followed on social media... Why make social media a dumping ground of so much hate. Why be so negative? Why not just be positive?" she said in the video.

Besides this, Ananya's aim through her message was also to inspire netizens to create a positive atmosphere on social media.

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