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Gully Boy Movie Review: Zoya Akhtar's applause-worthy attempt puts rappers on a well-deserved pedestal

Starring Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Vijay Raaz and others, Gully Boy is a film revolving around Divine and Naezy’s struggles and passion.

Gully Boy Movie Review: Zoya Akhtar's applause-worthy attempt puts rappers on a well-deserved pedestal

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Kalki Koechlin, Vijay Raaz and others

Rating: 4.5/5

For years, Mumbai’s Dharavi has been popular for many reasons. It has been buzzing with life, and amid the small lanes, breeds a culture, unlike any other in the country. Many would be aware of the struggle, people from Dharavi face on a regular basis, but amid the chaos and a tough life, one also finds the zeal and thirst to live a life on their own terms, with an aim to fulfill passion.

Taking us through the lives of popular rappers Divine and Naezy is Zoya Akhtar’s new release Gully Boy, starring Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and Siddhant Chaturvedi in lead roles. It’s a story that delves deep into the lives of rappers, who strive to share a story, in their own words, in their own way – everything original.

Set against the backdrop of Dharavi, the film begins with Murad (Ranveer Singh) trying to live his life, for the sake of it. His only interest in life is to write and find out what he really would love to do with the skill. His father Aftab (Vijay Raaz) is quite rude to him, and expects him to finish his studies successfully, so as to support the family and the needs. The love of his life, Safeena (Alia Bhatt), stands by him no matter what, and with her support his pens his emotions and frustrations. On one fine day, life brings something new and unexpected when he attends MC Sher aka Shrikant’s (Siddhant Chaturvedi) gig, and gets attracted to the world of rap. He meets MC Sher who guides him, soon they become a team and gain popularity for being who they are. Murad’s success gives him confidence, and he earns the name Gully Boy, eventually making rap his only motto in life. How does he fight against all the odds and make it big as a rapper in the industry, is what the rest of Gully Boy focuses on.

What Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar do with this film is take us closer to the world which shines. For years, they the rapper community been underground, but it's time for them musicians to fly high. The makers have shown us what they are worth and the words of all these artists matter, largely because they reflect our thoughts, be it about life, society, love or anything else.  What Gully Boy also does, is have the power to ignite the fire in you, and be the reason for many of us to pursue our passion. The script is tight & the film achieves more than it aspires. The film will surely be one of the best finest made in recent times and the team will clearly take home many awards for their honest and heartfelt attempt.

Ranveer Singh is the heartbeat of the film. Over the last years, with every character portrayed, he had set higher standards & redefines himself. Ranveer is known to delivers something new always and plays the role to perfection. As Murad aka Gully Boy, he will make you a part of his life, and you'll love being with him, thoroughly, throughout. His ups and downs in life will bother you, and he will become a friend you can look up to. There will be moments where you’d want to shout and say ‘Baba, you're Bohot Hard.’ Talk about Alia Bhatt, and I wonder if there is anything she cannot do. Like always, she is magical and shines entirely in the film, by adding her own nuances. Her demeanour, attitude and emotions speak volumes in Gully Boy. She is loveable, adamant, straight-on-face and a lot more. Their chemistry is adorable, and there’s not much to say, because it shows even in the trailer.

Besides Ranveer and Alia, the film introduces a new face to Bollywood - Siddhant Chaturvedi. He is bold and confident throughout, and stands shoulder to shoulder with Murad. His character of MC Sher has many layers – he is kind, strong, and nasty – and Siddhant delivers all of them equally well, effortlessly. Keeping the film aside, his role is also going to win him accolades. All the other characters - Vijay Varma, Kalki Koechlin and Vijay Raaz – support the film well with their respective roles.

The main aspect of the film is the music. Gully Boy revolves around Divine and Naezy’s lives, and with the choice of songs, keeps the soul of the film alive. Many artistes have collaborated for the album in the film, eventually making the album unique and distinctive. Shot in real locations, the film is a visual treat, especially with some aerial shots and techniques used with lights. Dialogues and lyrics for rap battles, especially in the second half, are commendable and inspiring.

Overall, Gully Boy is an experience and an eye-opener. Even today people look down on the rappers and the genre of music, and this film will only change the perspective for them. Applause-worthy punch lines, groove-worthy music, and all the other elements make this film a must-watch. More importantly, the subject of the film and the attempt to showcase the reality will inspire many, and Gully Boy will be the reason for many of us to pursue our passion.

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