I want to be an actor who tells stories, someone else would not: Harshvardhan Kapoor

Back in 2016, a young lad from the Kapoor clan stepped into stardom with Mirzya. Now, after a gap of almost two years, he is back with a new film, Bhavesh Joshi Superhero, where he plays a common man who tries his best to change the city and bring an end to the atrocities in Mumbai. In this interview, he shares his thoughts and journey!

I want to be an actor who tells stories, someone else would not: Harshvardhan Kapoor

Mumbai is known as a city of dreams, but the dreamers live in a land which is also corrupt. Many who govern the city take undue advantage of their power, and this affects the development. While everyone here is working hard to make their dreams come true, there are some who are fighting all odds to ensure that the city becomes a better place, and gets its due respect and ranking as per global standards.

One such ‘superhero’ yet ‘not a superhero’ is Bhavesh Joshi. If you’re wondering who we’re talking about, then you’d have to skim through the entertainment channels and tabloids. The young lad, Harshvardhan, from the clan of Kapoors, is all set to impress with his new release, directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. Talking about the title which calls his character a superhero, he says, “A lot of people are misunderstanding the title. We live in a corrupt, broken society where people do a lot of things against the law. If you can live a life with honesty, courage, bravery with a focus to bring a change, then you deserve the title. If you look around there is a superhero amongst all of us. In the film, the guy is desperate to do the right thing, and hence the name.”

Sharing more about choosing this unconventional film next in his career, Harshvardhan said, “The film you are going to see is as real as it gets and the makers have tried to deliver the same. I’m a boy from this town and I relate to the situations. This story is very personal to the director, Vikramaditya. It was conceptualised in 2012 and rewritten in 2015. Today, we all know that we are suffering from the same issues. There is a promise that things will change, but we haven't seen a difference. Problems we face are a combination of both - people and the system, and it will change only if one takes a step. The fact that they are planning to keep it relatable is what interested me the most.”

Irked by the fact that we all want the city to be listed amongst the best in the world, but do not want to take a step, the to-be-superhero added, “Mumbai has got a chance to be one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world. It is the people who live here don't respect it. We compare the city to London, New York, and others in the world, which are developing in a certain manner at a fast pace and respect it, but we are not doing same with our own Mumbai. The fact that people do not respect the city is not right. If we can modify our thoughts and act upon it, we’ll see the difference.”

Directed by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, his first film, Mirzya, did not make a mark at the Box Office. On analyzing the right and the wrong, he said, “Getting out of the character I played in Mirzya was tough. It was more like a first relationship. Coming out of that took me a long while. I think the plot of Mirzya could have been cohesive. The storytelling could have been different and the approach should have changed slightly – it should have been a bit clearer, maybe. Had we done that, we would have reached out to many more people. However, despite all that, I'm very proud that I tried this film and not take the response negatively. I'm trying and I'll continue to do my best and not regret that my first film did not work at the box office. But that mistake has taught me a lot, especially to do with scripts.”

Right after the second film, Harshvardhan will don the role of Ace shooter, Abhinav Bindra. He has been cast to play the lead in the biopic. “I'm going to start Bindra in July. We’ll start shooting in September. To understand the nuances, I'm learning 10m shoot and training on those aspects of the sport. I'm also trying to get to a certain level to own that skill. The filming will help me grow emotionally as well, as I think it goes hand in hand with physical preparation. I’ll try and do the best I can,” added the talented lad.

But he has a long way to go. He thinks differently and is quite keen on working on horror and comedy films, as two separate genres. Sharing his vision, he said, “I want to do a horror film and not produce. I want to scare people and also make them think. I don't want to be a part of a film where ghosts are dressed in white and trying to scare. But if given an opportunity, I want to do lighter films too where I can have fun on sets, something like 500 days of summer. Comedy is a good choice, but not a slapstick comedy. Working on a witty film would be great. But for now, with whatever I have, I need to give my best. I have to be crazy passionate and work along with my talented actors.”

But at the end of the interview, on being asked about the collection-scare, he shared something interesting as a newbie, by saying “Box Office does matter, but Bhavesh Joshi is not a film which we are relying on Box Office. To be honest, money is always good and I'm in a privileged place where I have everything. If my primary intention was to make money from the films I do, my choices would have been different. But all I can say now is that I'm trying to do films for the people. I want to let them know that we have someone young amongst us in the industry who can tell stories that someone else would not!”

Impressive, isn’t he?

 Image source: Man's World India