"I hope people realise that this bio war isn’t going to profit anyone" : Aditya Seal

"I hope people realise that this bio war isn’t going to profit anyone" : Aditya Seal

Aditya Seal was the charmer in "Student of the Year 2" and managed to impress us all in Alt Balaji web series Fitrat. Currently, the actor has self quarantined himself at his home and he has no complaints about it either as he loves being indoors. 

Talking about life has changed in the lockdown, Aditya says, “I don’t know yet. We are still in the middle of it. We are still to hit the peak, is what I feel. I don’t know how I will come out of it but I do know for a fact that it will be normal. Hopefully, measures will be taken to undo what we have. I am hoping people realize that this biowarfare is not going to profit anybody. You are destroying the human race. I don’t believe that it came from bats. This is biowarfare is what I believe. I don’t know if I should be saying this but I sternly believe it was. I also sternly believe that it was leaked".

Aditya says he has been acting a bit paranoid about the entire situation but at the same time making sure to take all the necessary precautions. He says, "I am wearing a mask and gloves. Even when I need to go out to buy essentials, I do not go without wearing gloves. I am not touching any foreign object with my bare hands“.

While many are following the orders laid by the government and staying put but there are others who are flouting the roles. For these people, Aditya has a very strong message, “We need to come out of this strong. We need to come out of this soon more importantly. Make sure people around you are not acting stupid. There have been people who have been stepping out of the house like nothing is happening. I believe they do not understand the seriousness of the situation. If our PM has come to you twice and asked you to stay indoors, it is serious. Do not act smart or stupid or like nothing is happening. We are going through a very tough time. We need to be in this together because you may not know that you are the carrier and you are affecting at least 2-3 people at home. I am not missing my freedom. I love being indoors. Everyone who used to crib about work and who wanted to be home, just take this time and be at home.”

Well, Aditya really makes some strong statement and a valid one at that. We hope that people realise the seriousness of this and stay indoors and we come out of this soon and stronger.