Kabir Singh is problematic and uncomfortable

While Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani have performed their roles extremely well, the film has the ability to irk you with the toxic masculinity. Kabir Singh isn't a man anyone would want to be with.


For the ones who are not aware, Kabir Singh is the remake of the Telugu Super Hit film, Arjun Reddy, which had Vijay Devarkonda in the lead role. The film has got a lot of appreciation, ever since the trailer was released, but unfortunately, it isn't as impressive as the trailer. Here's my 5- point review.

The film revolves around Kabir Singh's (Shahid Kapoor) life after the breakup with his girlfriend, Preeti Sikka (Kiara Advani). This addiction to alcohol, drugs, abuse, and anger increases to an extent where he gets into the 'self-destruction' mode. Kabir Singh then focuses on what happens to their lives in and after a tough time.

The film has a lot of concerns and very few good things. One of the main problems is the character of Kabir Singh. His character will bother you so much that you will start cringing to his behavior with his girlfriend. He is angry, abusive and treats her like property. To be honest, he isn't a man any girl would want to be with. On the other hand, Preeti is naive and vulnerable, who only wants to be with him. Her character has been written with no soul, seeming as though the writers wanted to only focus on Kabir's life and make it as masculine as possible. It turns out to be quite toxic.

Another main concern with the film is the length. After painstaking 2.5 hours, Shahid successfully passes on his anger and pain on your shoulders, where all you wish is for the extremely stupid, snail-paced, very very regular film to finish. No, but it doesn't. The writer/director beats around the bush, stretch it for another 30 mins, to show the most predictable ending ever. What I also disliked about the film was the writer/directors portrayal of women. Keeping the relatability in mind, it is something that should bother every man and woman

All things said, the actors in the film deserve appreciation. Shahid as Kabir Singh gives it his best. He convinces you that there are similar people amongst us, dealing with such issues in life. So is Kiara. She doesn't have a meaty role in the film but does balance the emotional side of the film. I only wish she had more screen space and her life was also shown a bit more. Other supporting actors - Arjun Bajwa, Soham Majumdar, Suresh Oberoi, and others - play key roles.

Talking about the positives, other aspects of the film like the cast, songs, and the cinematography deserve appreciation. To sum it up, Kabir Singh could have been a wonderful film, if the writer and director had balanced the script, keeping it not focused on the masculinity.