Karwaan: Dulquer, Irrfan and Mithila take you on a likeable, introspective journey

Set against the backdrop of picturesque South India, Karwaan is a story of three souls who embark on a journey with a purpose, which eventually helps them dive deep into their souls for introspection. Here’s the review.

Karwaan: Dulquer, Irrfan and Mithila take you on a likeable, introspective journey

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Dulquer Salmaan, Mithila Palkar, and Kriti Kharbanda

Rating: 3.5/5

In a traditional middle-class or an orthodox family, it is difficult to convince elders about your passion, which you wish to pursue and make it your living. Not only this, but life also throws several other challenges alongside, which raise questions so much so that amid your daily life and chaos, there is a continuous, never-ending conversation happening in the mind, which you do not have control over. Hence, to find out a solution, many take a detour, usually a break, a holiday from daily routine; and come back fresh hoping, life ahead will become easy. In most cases it does!

Focusing on the same with an interesting thought and story is Akarsh Khurana’s Karwaan.

Avinash (Dulquer Salmaan) wanted to pursue his dreams and continue doing something he loved, but his father’s traditional thoughts and approach towards his life served as obstacles eventually making him a dejected soul, so much so that his relationship with his father was hampered. One unfortunate day, he receives news about his father’s death. Seeking his friend Shaukat’s (Irrfan Khan) help, Avinash along with his friend and Tanya (Mithila Palkar) embark on a journey to Kochi, which helps them dive deep into their souls for introspection.

Life is mysterious and one does not always find what’s being searched for. Not every journey ends the way we wish it did. Such are messages that become the core of Karwaan. The writer, throughout the journey, has brought forth instances beautifully which put a lot of thoughts into perspective, about life.

The journey is set on the backdrop of many beautiful places across South India, where three characters, with time, unveil their lives, with a hope to change and simplify their concerns. The film takes its own sweet time to grip your interest. It is a slow start initially, but once the ride picks up the pace, the journey becomes smooth and enjoyable. It’s as though the story and screenplay resemble the characters – lost in the beginning, but then it all makes sense!

We have come across many films along the same lines, but it never gets enough. Every film has its own way of reflecting on our lives, and we grow one film at a time. Many films focus on deep, intriguing conversations revolving around the subject. But that’s where the makers have tried a different path in Karwaan, where the subject, reality, introspection is combined with dark comedy, which many in the audience might find amusing.

The cast of the film has portrayed the characters with ease, so much so that you relate yourself with them, and that’s the success of making such a film. Right from the beginning, you become a part of this strange journey as if it were your own. Kudos to Dulquer and Irrfan for the contrast characters they have played. Dulquer is quiet, charming and lost in his own way and his debut in Hindi cinema will be loved as he effortlessly portrays Avinash’s earnest act. Irrfan brings life to a script which would have become boring if it was not for his witty and spontaneous dialogues. What both have in common are a lot of wishes and secrets buried deep within. Mithila Palkar is sweet and supports the cast well with her character of a teenager with a different mindset. Kriti Kharbanda brings a new likable perspective with her special appearance.

As I mentioned earlier, the film makes sense with every passing frame. Scenes delivered towards the climax are highly relatable, and this marks the quality of wonderful writing, for which the writer-director deserve appreciation. Songs are well incorporated and soothing. They will be remembered for a long time!

To sum this up, Karwaan may come across as a film with a common subject. To be honest, it is to an extent on similar lines, but what makes it special is the approach and the freshness it adds due to the story. You won’t be mesmerized with the film, but it most definitely will leave you with satisfaction and a message for self that there are better days ahead, and all we need to do is go with the heart and let the magic unfold!