Love Sonia inspires a Man from Mumbai; donates ₹8 lakh for the cause

Richa Chadha who plays a pivotal role in the film also said that many people were inspired by the film and have been writing to her.


Love Sonia is a film which has won critical acclaim for its subject that throws light on a global problem of the flesh trade. Watching the film has moved many, especially a man from Mumbai who has donated ₹8 lakh to help trafficked girls.

Workers from different NGOs have been writing to Richa Chadha about the film’s impact. Richa plays the character of a sex worker in the film shared one such incident where a friend, Priyanka Halli, Chief Medical Officer of an organization working on the same issue, wrote a thank you note for creating awareness with the film, calling Love Sonia, a painfully realistic portrayal of one girl's story.

Talking about the same, Richa said, "This is a reason we do what we do as actors. A lot of press asked me why I agreed to do a supporting role in a film. But after my friend, who helps raise funds for trafficked girls and women, it made me realise that it's sometimes compassion that drives us as artists."

She further added saying, "After the movie premiered in Mumbai, we received a generous contribution of Rs 8 lakh from the leader of a local business who said that the movie helped him understand why Emancipation’s trauma care intervention is so important for these children."

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