'Ribbon' projects the everyday dilemma of an urban couple

Directed by Rakhee Sandiya, Ribbon, starring Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas is a highly relatable, simple story which you could be living too.

'Ribbon' projects the everyday dilemma of an urban couple

Cast: Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas

Rating: 3/5

It is said that with love, comes commitment, followed by a relationship along with responsibility. In today's time, when the clock is ticking fast, managing a cordial relationship with the partner and planning a family is like juggling, where the act of balancing, with ease, is the key. Fulfilling one's dreams and living life to the best today comes at a heavy cost, wanting both the partners to work and earn to afford their wishes. And when it comes to parenting, a lot of emotional investment also comes along with the financial needs and future planning.

But how can two working individuals, as life partners, raise a child and manage their career successfully. What mental, physical, emotional pressure do they go through when life decides to not only add speed breakers on the road but change it to a rock road instead.

Such is the issue with Sahana and Karan, who after many discussions, decide to become parents and find solutions to the problems which come ahead in life. But life served something else, much difficult, on the platter. How do they make it work? How do they, one after other, slowly get rid of the knots in their 'ribbon' of life, makes Kalki and Sumeet's film.

Debutant director and writer Rakhee Sandilya's attempt to present a story relatable to our lives, is worth watching, as the script takes one through turns which make you nostalgic at points - where either you have been through the similar dilemma or seen/heard someone go through. The simplicity of the story is the selling point of the film.

Sumeet and Kalki's characters of Karan and Sahana Mehra are ones you will come across in everyday life. The way both actors have delivered the roles is impressive. On one hand where Sumeet makes a mark as calm, caring, focused and a humble husband, he also becomes a protective, caring and a strong father who is ready to fight the odds for his daughter. Kalki as Sahana Mehra delivers her role well too. Her characters delivered throughout the film - be it during the delivery, at work, at home as a wife or a mother - are all likeable. She is stubborn, cranky, career-oriented, yet caring, emotional, practical and mature.

Both Sumeet and Kalki have succeeded in portraying an urban couple to the best, and a lot of credit for the same also goes to the director/writer for penning down thoughtful characters and plot.

Music is mediocre and I wish there was more that could have been added to amplify the emotions and story. Dialogues were simple and easy, like the ones we come across or use often, daily.

To sum it up, Ribbon is a story that reflects the life of every young, urban couple today, battling difficulties and life with a smile, standing with and for each other, finding solutions for a better journey ahead.

Watching such a film with preconceived expectations would be wrong. Leave your thoughts behind and watch the film. You never know, for Sahana, Karan, and Rakhee could teach or suggest you something!

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