Salman Khan upset with lockdown violators, posts a video about the same

Salman Khan upset with lockdown violators, posts a video about the same

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak started, there are many celebrities who have taken to their social handles to spread awareness about the concept of social distancing, the best practises for washing hands and also on why we should support the government in these tough times. 

However, there are plenty of people that continue to flout these rules. Actor Salman Khan too is not very pleased with this lot. The actor who was last seen in "Dabangg 3 took to his Instagram to share a 10-minute, hard-hitting video speaking about the Corona Warriors, who are putting themselves at risk in order to protect the nation. He also spoke about people who are putting everyone's life at jeopardy by not following the instructions laid down by the government seriously.

Salman Khan has started this video is his signature "Bigg Boss" welcome style and he also updated the fans that he is currently stuck in his farmhouse. He had gone to the farmhouse for a two day holiday with his mother Salma Khan and his two sisters but has been forced to stay put in this place because the lockdown was imposed.

Salman shared, "I have my entire family here. My mother and sisters along with their kids are here. We have made a rule that those who are here cannot go out and no one can come in. We only go out to buy groceries."

In this video, Salman has slammed those who are stepping out amid the lockdown. He told that earlier it was thought to be only flu but with the lockdown, it should be clear that things are serious. Salman also appreciated the frontline workers such as Police. 

He also spoke about the need to wear a mask and how this coronavirus spreads.

"Not understanding the plight of those who are positive is 'anti -human'," he said.

"People who test positive soon understand that they had to keep safe. Those who are negative and not keeping safe will soon become positive. That's a guarantee. Then, they will transmit it to their families and to the entire country," he added.

He questioned the intensions of people roaming out and even reasoned that should we not going hand in hand with what government is saying. He added, "If your actions were right then this lockdown would have ended by now, and the coronavirus too. If you weren't going out with friends, police wouldn't have hit with canes. Do you think the police is enjoying it?"

Salman also gave examples of those who are working in offices during the outbreak, and urged his fans to never step out to get food and medical supplies without a mask and gloves.

He said that our duty at this time to stay at home and we should be doing that. He complimented all those who continue to serve us during this time and in turn risking their lives. "I know of some people who would never venture out but ever since the lockdown has been announced it is hard to keep them at home," shared the actor. 

He even condemned people resorting to violence against police, doctors and nurses. Salman said, "Doctors and nurses came to save you and you pelted stones at them? People who have tested positive are running away from hospitals? Where are you running? Towards life or death? I understand those who have nothing to eat or feed their children... Very good work is happening and it feels that the entire nation is working together.

"But because of some jokers this disease is spreading rapidly," he said.

Salman also tried reasoning about police resorting to violence. "If your action wasn't like that, the police wouldn't have reacted that way. It (the virus) started China and ended too. But because of some people this will stay in India."

The actor then urged all to respect those who are working to keep our lives safe.

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