Who wants to be an MP in real, when you can be PM on-screen: Vivek Oberoi

Closer to the release of his upcoming film, PM Narendra Modi, Vivek Oberoi shares his views about the film, release and more.

Who wants to be an MP in real, when you can be PM on-screen: Vivek Oberoi

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi has been the talk of the town lately. He will soon be seen as PM Narendra Modi in his biopic. On being asked if he has any interest in joining politics, he said that he doesn't wish to shift gears.

In an interview with IANS, he said, "No. In 2004, I was offered my first ticket as a Member of Parliament. It has been five times since then including the by-elections. I have been offered the MP ticket from regional and national parties, but I've said no Who wants to be an MP when you can be PM on-screen," added the actor, who features as Modi in the leader's biopic "PM Narendra Modi",

As the name suggests, the film revolves around PM Modi's life, and since the last few months, it has faced issues with regards to the release. The film was scheduled to release on April 11, 2019, but it was pushed to a later date due to the elections and the campaigns.

Talking about the same, director Omang Kumar said, "We finished filming the biopic in just 38 days and the Election Commission (EC) delayed us by 40 days to release it. It took us longer to release the film than to make it. But it's all in the past now. PM Narendra Modi was called a "propaganda film", and several political parties sought a ban on the biopic's release till the Lok Sabha polls got over.

Adding to this thought, Vivek said, "I just feel that if they focussed a little bit more on the work at hand, serving the people which they are supposed to rather than doing all this nonsense... If you did your work, then you would not have to run around doing all this... The appreciation comes with the work you do."

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