Anand Mahindra shares an old ad of Mumbai’s Taj Hotel offering stay at ₹6

Anand Mahindra shares an old ad of Mumbai’s Taj Hotel offering stay at ₹6

The Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra, on Friday, shared an old advertisement on Twitter that had nostalgia written all over it. It was an advertisement about Mumbai's iconic Taj hotel offering guests a stay for Rs 6.

Taking to his Twitter account, Mahindra shared, “So here’s a way to beat inflation. Get into a time machine and go back…way back. 6 per night for the Taj, Mumbai? Now those were the days,” Anand Mahindra jokingly wrote and shared an image of the advertisement. The ad shows the hotel offering guests a stay for 6 upwards.  

The ad in question is from December 1903 and described the hotel as 'luxuriously furnished' and came with all the latest comforts

The Taj Mahal Palace that is situated opposite The Gateway of India is considered to be India's first and finest luxury hotel. It was built in 1903 by Jamsetji Tata as a symbol of luxury and as a gift “worthy of Bombay”. It is said that Jamshedji Tata was inspired to build this hotel after he was refused entry at Watson’s Hotel, which was restricted to ‘whites-only.’

Designed originally by Indian architects Raosaheb Vaidya and DN Mirza, the foundation of The Taj Mahal Palace was laid in 1898 and built by Sorabji Contractor who also designed the famous central cantilevered staircase.

It was on December 16, 1903, that the hotel welcomed its first set of guests and this is believed to be one of the first ads that it may have placed. 

Last month, Anand Mahindra also shared a photo of an old advertisement of a Fiat 1100 that was set at a price of ₹9,750 (exclusive all taxes) back in the 1950s, to show how much the Indian rupee had inflated.  He shared the photo of the Fiat 1100 with the caption "Good old days".

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