Bank employees to go on a strike across the country on May 30 and 31

The Central government has told the bank employees that they will not get a fair raise because of the bad conditions of the banks in the country


Ahead of Karnataka elections, many ATMs in several states were low on cash. Now, when there is an improvement in the situation. However, there is a possibility of a huge stress over the same on May 30 and 31 as the bank employees across the country are going on a strike.

All India Bank Employees Association’s Vice President, Vishwas Utagi told Mumbai Live that 10 lakh bank officials and employees will be on a strike for pressing their demands to increase their salaries. Due to the strike, the banks will be non-functional for two days.

Bank employees have not got their salary hike for last seven to eight months and their Payroll agreement ended on October 31 last year, Utagi said. The salary hike was expected to happen in November 2017 but it hasn’t happened since. The Central government, in addition, has decided to only increase two per cent of the current salary. In reaction to this, the United Front of Bank Unions called for a two-day strike and nine bank organisations across the country would be involved in the strike.  

The central government has told the employees that they cannot get a fair raise because of the bad conditions of the banks in the country. The government’s excuse for this is clearly wrong, Utagi asserted. He further added that even though the banks are at its worst but the bank’s operative profit is sufficient to give a better pay raise to the employees.  

However, Utagi accused that the banks don’t provide the operative profit to the employees but they use it to provide ease to those who have taken loans and are not paying back. Banks across the country have a debt burden of nine lakh crores. Utagi also clarified that use of the operative profit is being used to evade the same.

After the rejection of our demands, we have taken a decision to protest to press our demands against the concerned authorities. The staff will be firm on the issue of increment, Utagi said.

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