Production of Mild Beer resumed, prices suffer a hike of 25-35 percent

The circular complying to the demands of beer companies and liquor vendors has been issued by the Department of Excise Department and the new prices will be applicable from Saturday, December 23.


The Excise department had raised the production costs of mild beer one and a half month ago. Hence the beer companies had stopped their production. As a result, there was a shortage of beer in the market. But, if you’re an alcoholic, you need not be disappointed because your poison is returning to the market again. And this comeback comes with a price; you will now have to pay extra for mild as well as strong beer.

Maharashtra Live Merchant Association President Dilip Jiyanani informed, Mumbai Live that the state excise department has allowed companies to make changes in the prices by hiking the rates of Strong and Mild Beer. The circular has been issued by the Department of Excise Department and the changes will be applicable from Saturday, December 23.

Half of a month ago, the excise duty department had increased the production charge of beer by 35%. As production duties increased, companies were furious and asked for an increment in beer prices. But this demand fell on deaf ears.
As the production for mild beer was completely ceased and that of strong beer was restricted, the market for beer saw inflation which led to massive losses incurred by liquor vendors who demanded an increase in the prices in their defense.
Finally, the demand has been approved by the Department of Excise and the circular giving permission to companies to change the prices of Strong Beer along with Mild on December 22. Due to the demand of the companies, Mild and Strong beers will be now available in the market for a great deal on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

According to the new prices, the price for a bottle of beer will increase by 25 to 30 rupees. Similarly, the Kingfisher bottle will cost you 170 Rs. Instead of Rs. 145 from Saturday. For Tuborg, the price has gone up from Rs 145 to Rs 170 while it’s 150 bucks for a bottle of LP now.