Get set and pay

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Get set and pay
Get set and pay
Get set and pay
Get set and pay
Get set and pay
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Mumbai - Commuters can get ready to pay tolls again from midnight today.

A scheme has been devised to ease the procedure of toll payment.
Coupons of Rs 5 - Rs 100 have been arranged.
The toll exemption dates after high denomination notes were demonetised were extended five times in the last one month-

  1. 9 November - 11 November
  2. 11 November - 14 November
  3. 14 November - 18 November
  4. 18 November - 24 November
  5. 24 November - 2 December

Till now, no fresh news extending the dates again has come in as yet. But given the surprises the government has been springing on citizens in the last one month, it's best to wait and watch.

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