Get the facility of unlimited and affordable online doctor consultation by Bajaj Finserv

Keeping the current health crisis in mind, teleconsultation is emerging as an ideal alternative to physical consultation.

Get the facility of unlimited and affordable online doctor consultation by Bajaj Finserv

The popularity of online medical services is significantly increasing around the world. Individuals are inclined toward remote doctor consultations primarily due to their convenience, saving the trouble of travelling to a hospital.

So, keeping the current health crisis in mind, teleconsultation is emerging as an ideal alternative to physical consultation.

Benefits of online doctor consultation

The rapid growth of internet facilities and smartphone demand has made online medical consultation a reality. Moreover, instead of visiting the doctor’s chamber and describing your health issues, consulting a doctor online for periodic consultation can be a practical option.

Besides, online doctor consultation can benefit chronically ill patients who cannot visit a hospital and require frequent check-ups. Moreover, this service is also helpful for individuals living in remote areas, where adequate healthcare services are not readily available.

Apart from these, there are numerous advantages of online doctor consultation in India. Take a look at some of them:

  • Prompt assistance

Swift access to healthcare is one of the primary benefits of this facility. Online consultation enables you to receive basic medical assistance in any medical emergency. You can then decide the follow-up treatment if required based on the primary diagnosis.

  • Safe and secure process

Online doctor consultation is entirely secure, and your medical information is kept private. The doctor teleconsultation service ensures keeping the medical history and records of the patients safe and confidential.

  • Prevent self-misdiagnosis

There is a common practice of taking medicines or performing a diagnosis depending on what you read online or hear from others. However, the chances of such self-diagnosis providing positive results are low, as not every medicine and way of treatment will suit you that has worked for someone else.

Access to quick and convenient online consultation can be a solution here. You get a chance to talk to a doctor, get the required diagnosis, and take prescribed medicines, reducing the chances of any further damage.

  • Optimum convenience

When you speak to the doctor about your medical conditions, they save your records securely for future reference. Due to such a facility, you don’t have to repeatedly familiarise the doctor with your medical history.

Also, specific policies offer free online doctor consultation for follow-up check-ups, but this does not apply to all plans.

  • Receive specialists’ attention

Virtual medical attention also increases access to specialists. Patients who demand medical care from specialists are not required to travel long distances and spend considerable time per visit. In addition, online consultations make it convenient for individuals to leverage the advice or expertise of specialists who are not reachable immediately.

  • Cost-effective and saves time

Compared to the traditional way of consulting a doctor, online facilities are cost-effective and time-saving. Therefore, opting for this reduces the hassle and additional cost of travelling. Moreover, it saves time as you can avail of this service from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, if you need a regular visit to the doctor for follow up, you can save on additional expenses by opting for the online doctors’ consultation facility.

  • No threat of catching new illnesses

Visiting a doctor’s chamber exposes individuals to many ailments, especially in the current pandemic scenario. This may expose you to additional health-related problems besides your current issues. With an online consultation, you can easily avoid this risk.

Besides, due to the global health crisis, many hospitals and doctors have stopped their OPD services and started e-visit facilities as a flexible alternative for those suffering from medical issues. However, one must also know about the limitations of this virtual affair before proceeding with the online consultation.

Nevertheless, keeping the rising cost of healthcare expenses in mind, it is essential to have a health insurance policy. They will help you stay financially protected while bearing the costs of any illness.

The Health Prime insurance plan extended by Bajaj Finserv is available at a meagre annual membership fee of Rs. 699. It comes with numerous benefits such as unlimited tele and video consultation with specialist doctors, various lab testing facilities, a discount of 10% on radiology and pathology tests, and a 10% off on pharmacies at all network hospitals.  

Online doctor consultation in India has changed the way medical diagnosis works. It has brought quality healthcare services to your home, helping people access required medical assistance on time in even remote areas. Moreover, the leading insurance policies offer access to additional benefits that ultimately help take care of your health and related financial expenses.

Additionally, individuals can choose from more than 380 health products available under Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions extended by Bajaj Finserv. These plans cover individuals and their essentials against threats, usually not covered under traditional insurance plans. In addition, the substantial coverage offered by more than 470+ Pocket Insurance products is available for nominal membership fees starting from just Rs. 19.

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