Akanksha Prathisthan‘s Grahak Peth

Akanksha Prathisthan‘s Grahak Peth
Girgaon, Mumbai  -  

Akanksha Prathisthan have organized a grahak peth at Aagrewadi where women have put up different stalls. This has been organised by the Shiv Sena leader Ravindra Mirlekar and ward chief Pandurang Sakpal. 

For the last two years, grahak peth is being organized. This year, in total, 37 stalls were put up at the Akanksha Prathisthan’s grahak peth. Stalls like ayurvedic medicines, saree, dress pieces, nine yards saree were put up. “The main motto of our grahak peth is to give employment to women,” said Sudeep Naik, president.

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