Feel sorry for Jet Airways: Vijay Mallya calls government biased towards PSUs

Vijay Mallya, on Wednesday tweeted out that he felt sorry for cash-strapped Jet Airways and stated that the government was biased towards Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)


Liquor tycoon and Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya on Wednesday took Twitter to express his solidarity with Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal. Alongside, he also repeated his own offer to repay all the money he owes India's public sector banks.

The 63-year-old alleges that the Indian government discriminates against private airlines. Proving his point, he stated that the government offered help to the state-owned Air India but failed to do the same for Kingfisher as well as Jet Airways.

Mallya has been absconding from India after an alleged money laundering of ₹9,000 crore. Currently, he remains on bail as he awaits an oral hearing to be listed by the UK High Court for his appeal against his extradition ordered by Westminster Magistrates' Court in London last December and then signed off by UK home secretary Sajid Javid in February.

On the other hand, a State Bank of India (SBI)-led consortium of 13 Indian banks have been relentlessly trying to enforce a worldwide freezing order upheld by the UK High Court in May last year.

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