Liquor business takes a dip

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Liquor business takes a dip
Liquor business takes a dip
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Mumbai - Demonetisation has finally impacted the sale of booze in the city, and it has not just hit the tipplers hard. The government coffers have been hit too. 

State excise Minister Pradeep Pawar told Mumbai Live,"There has been a decrease in the sale of foreign liquor after 8 November i.e., the day when demonetisation cast its shadow on the nation. Before that, there was an increase of 7% - 10% in the supply of liquor. After 8 November, this rate has been lowered down to 1.86%. There has been a 12% decrease in the sale of beer. Every year, the government treasuries take home a huge collection, courtesy the merry makers in the state. This time, while November saw a marginal increase of 0.27 per cent in revenues due to liquor, there was a steep decline of 5% in December.
New Year's eve does not portend glad tidings for the revenue department, which foresees a further fall in collections over the coming weekend.

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