Masky to help protect ears during prolonged mask use

Masky to help protect ears during prolonged mask use

Masks have become a necessity ever since the coronavirus outbreak started. A lot of people find it uncomfortable to wear masks for a long duration of time. To address this issue, Mumbai-based Graphitto Labs has launched a new face mask accessory called “Masky”. It is an ear protector band, which helps take off the strain caused on ears while wearing face masks. It intends to make wearing face masks comfortable for a longer duration. This is a big blessing for people who wear spectacles and have to balance both their specs and masks on their ear lobs. 

Graphitto is also engaged in making face masks, PPE Kits, Oximeters etc amongst others.

Face Masks come in two distinct types – (1) With Ear Loops and (2) With full wraparound cords to be tied around the head. Masks with ear loops have a unique problem – If the mask is too tight, it starts hurting the ears and if the mask is too loose, it hangs loosely around your nose and mouth, thus allowing air in from the sides and defeating the purpose of the mask. Masky ear protector band helps prevent this problem by ensuring that you wear the mask tightly around your face and at the same time protect your ears from the pain.

Announcing the launch, Kapil Jain, Founder of Graphitto Labs said, “Based on our preliminary research, we realised that most of the face masks being manufactured are with only ear loops and to be worn around your ears. This means that the users are experiencing or likely to experience pain on their ears during the usage of face masks. Our aim with this product is to help make that wearing experience better so that users continue to wear masks for longer and that in turn will help fight the virus.”

Kaustubh Mantri of Graphitto Labs mentioned, “In this fight against Covid-19, we believe that each small innovation is important. There has been an overwhelming response to the product. We did extensive research before finalising on the product design for Masky and various designs were tested to see which would be most effective. Made from medical-grade polymer, it makes Masky safe for use on skin and also makes it lightweight, yet strong. The unique Masky design with three-level engagement mechanism makes it very easy for users to wrap the face masks.

Masky ear protector band is being used by medical professionals as well and they appreciate the product. Dr Nitin Shah, an E.N.T Surgeon from Maharashtra mentioned, “Masky provides noticeable comfort for your ears and would highly recommend it to be worn along with face masks. I have provided it to all my staff and family as well.”