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MobiKwik Digital Payments - Helping You Fight This Pandemic

MobiKwik Digital Payments - Helping You Fight This Pandemic

The pandemic has caused a major shift in everyone’s lifestyle - cooking on one’s own, picking new hobbies, buying things online to name a few. During this time, it is however also advisable to practice cashless and contactless transactions to avoid the infection. For the well-being of yourself and your loved ones, avoid stepping out & switch to digital payments. Be it shopping for your groceries, medicines, daily essentials or paying your utility bills, make instant & safe payments from the comfort of your home with one of the user-friendly apps- MobiKwik.

There is so much for you to explore on this app if you have not already:

One platform for all payments

In these testing times, who would want to juggle through plenty of apps to get their mandatory payments done! It is better that you stick to the MobiKwik app that assists you with easy online payments for everything. Whether you want to recharge your phone, pay your electricity bill, make your insurance premium payment or any other urgent payment, just do it with a click on MobiKwik. What's more? There are more than 30 such payment categories on this app which makes everything convenient.

Seamless transactions

Among many other things, the pandemic has taught us how important our time is. Be it making instant payments to someone in need, or saving yourself from the last date of your EMI; only a seamless platform that’s available 24 X 7 can help you go through this. With MobiKwik, seamless transactions are assured which essentially will save your time. If you are on an online merchant’s platform, you will easily find MobiKwik as one of the payment options available. All that is needed is to select the option and checkout with one click.

Money transfers made easy

Money transfer is critical at this point. It could be a small thing as sending money to your family or a big thing as sending money for medicines. This is where MobiKwik UPI comes to your rescue. It enables easy money transfers from bank to bank. The process is done without any KYC hassle or any hidden charges. So, no need to enter the bank details every time you have to shop or pay. Just use your MobiKwik UPI and experience easy money transfers from the comfort of your home.

Collect money via a payment link

It’s always difficult to find that one common app online where you can transfer and accept money from your family, friends or colleagues. And then begins the never-ending struggle of finding and downloading the same apps to get the transfer done. But MobiKwik has got your back here to make instant transfer or collection all via just one app.

With MobiKwik’s MPay link, you can create a link through which anyone can transfer your money, no matter what UPI apps they are using. Just share your Personal Payment Link via your desired mode like WhatsApp, SMS, etc. and collect the money. It is simple to use and saves everyone all kinds of troubles.

Digital Savings

Nobody will ever say no to savings. So yes, in this pandemic and even otherwise, it will be prudent to start using MobiKwik to help save on transactions. Whether it is loyalty points SuperCash or discounts or cashback, the app lets you enjoy these little perks on your every transaction. You can use the money saved in your wallet to make subsequent transactions via MobiKwik.

The pandemic is still unfolding and MobiKwik is doing its best to become your partner at this time. So wait no more, download the MobiKwik app  and start your digital payment journey today.

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