74 per cent restaurants, hotels in Mumbai violate Food Safety rules: FDA reveals

Across the state, FDA sample examination states that 86 per cent of hotels do not follow the food safety rules.


After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned Lonavala’s famous Maganlal Chikki from manufacturing and selling their products, the FDA also revealed that 74 per cent restaurants, hotels, and pubs in Mumbai are in violation of the rules under Food Safety and  Standards Act. 

As per reports, 442 hotels and restaurants examined by FDA in Mumbai, out of which 327 kitchens of the same are unhygienic. According to FDA, all kitchens from five-star hotels to street vendors should follow the food safety rules and should be hygienic. The utensils which are used to prepare food should be clean. Moreover, the garbage should be thrown and kept away from the kitchen. 

Filthy-Unhygienic hotels and restaurants are a threat to customers' health. Across the state, a total of 3047 hotels were examined, out of which 2649 kitchens were in violation of the food safety rules. Based on this sample size, it means that 86 per cent of hotels in Maharashtra are not hygienic. 

FDA has issued a notice to all these hotels and restaurant directing them to follow the rules and has warned to close the kitchens if the same were not followed. 

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