96 per cent of complaints related to bills have been resolved : Adani

96 per cent of complaints related to bills have been resolved : Adani

The entire country has been in the lockdown since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the lockdown, it was not possible to get meter reading. Additionally, to stop the spread of the virus hard copies of electricity bills were discontinued.

During the unlock phase, the electricity companies started the meter reading as a result of which towards the end of June when people started receiving their electricity bills it showed a huge outstanding. Most users took to Twitter and other social media platforms to intimate Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd (AEML) about the increase in the electricity bills. Consumers are receiving the bills of much higher rates than they used to earlier. The Twitter mentions of AEML is filled with consumer complaints regarding their bills. The issue got even more limelight after actress Taapsee Pannu too complained about her bill on Twitter.



According to a report of Mumbai Mirror, AMEL has claimed that it has resolved 46,000 out of the 48,200 complaints related to the electricity bill and the remaining 2000 complaints are under investigation.

AEML’s chief executive officer Kandarp Patel in a statement shared, “We have successfully resolved 96 per cent complaints of our customers. In the case of the remaining complaints, we are examining their meters, to find out if there is any fault in it.”

He further added that the AMEL has yet to recover around Rs. 750 crores in dues towards the bill in the month of June from its 6.7 lakh consumers. Mumbaikars too have been hit hard with this months bill. With the economy hit hard, most people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. There are also some who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic or are facing salary cuts. have been in a constant state of panic due to such increase in their electricity bills, with many people losing out on job's, finding it difficult to pay the rents and EMI's this came across as a shock to people.

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