Additional security at Deonar

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    Additional security at Deonar
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    Mumbai - Deonar dumping ground area is of 110 hectares and still it has not been fenced even after the incidents of fire and trouble from the rag-pickers. Taking this into consideration, security guards from the Maharashtra Security Corporation will be posted at this ground along with the installation of CCTV cameras on rental basis. Presently, Ms. Eagle Security and Personal Services has appointed security guards at Deonar but frequent fire incidents has made this area sensitive from security point of view. As it affects the health and environment of Mumbai, the need for more security arrangements is felt urgently. Looking at this, Maharashtra State Security Corporation and the BMC officials have jointly prepared a plan and a proposal in this regard has been submitted. Following the High Court orders, a committee for security concerns has been formed and various measures are being undertaken at Deonar dumping ground.

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