BMC frames a new policy for dilapidated and dangerous buildings

The policy mandates the owners to display the copy of structural audit in the building premises before announcing a building dilapidated

BMC frames a new policy for dilapidated and dangerous buildings

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has made a new policy based on the guidelines of the Bombay High Court which states that once the building is declared as dilapidated and dangerous, in the span of 30 days, it will be mandatory for the residents and owners to carry out the structural audit.

The new policy was brought into play to protect the rights of tenants as many times, owners declare a building dilapidated and tenants don’t get time to look for another house. 

Henceforth, it will be mandatory for the owner to display a copy of the structural audit on the building premises and the BMC will also look into tenants’ complaints. Along with this, the owner will also have to see to it that the tenant gets the correct amount of space during development.

Instead of one, there will be five new technical advisory committees which will address disputes and complaints about the structural audit, according to Nidhi Choudhari, Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Removal of Encroachment.

She added that the policy details will be uploaded on the BMC website where residents and stakeholders can send in their suggestions and objections before December 10.

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