Beach chairs for lifeguards to deter mishaps efficiently

After incidents of drowning, lifeguards will monitor commoners to deter any mishap at the beaches

Beach chairs for lifeguards to deter mishaps efficiently

After five boys drowned at Juhu last week, the lifeguards were provided with beach chairs to monitor any mishap of the same nature in six Chowpatty’s across Mumbai. Life Guards are supposed to deter commoners from going deep into the sea.

In the past few days, there have been many instances where the tourists have drowned in the sea while going for a swim. The lifeguards have been strictly deployed in beaches at Mumbai’s Girgaon, Shivaji Park-Dadar, Juhu, Aksa, Madh-Marve, and Gorai. However, despite lifeguards already being in place, the incidents of drowning had happened.

The Fire Brigade Department has finally provided beach chairs to lifeguards after a number of instances. Chief Fire Brigade Officer, Prabhat Rahangdale, informed that these chairs will help lifeguards to monitor the beach with a 180-degree angle. Earlier, the lifeguards had to keep track of the beach by physically moving at the premises. 

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The lifeguards, sitting on the chair, will direct the commoners not to enter in the sea through a Megaphone. Also, they have been provided sirens to notify commoners regarding the dangerous situations at the beach. Other important rescuing tools are also a place including a speedboat, ambulance, and more. 

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