In a sensation revelation it has come to fore that the big pharmaceutical companies have cleverly started making new drugs illegally to deal with the problems created before them by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA). These companies have also allegedly launched their drugs in market by changing the contents of drugs without seeking permission from the NPPA.

The NPPA has taken action against many renowned and big pharmaceutical companies for making new drugs without taking proper permissions. The authorities have issued show cause notices to 60 pharmaceutical companies and warned them of strict action if they fail to reply to these notices.

The NPPA keeps a strict vigil on the pricing of drugs. The pharmaceutical companies have now cleverly changed the contents of their drugs and launched new drugs with changed combinations. But these companies have not taken required permissions from the NPPA before launching these drugs which are stated to be 201 in number.

As per the NPPA notice, doubts have been raised over the permission of Central Drug Regulatory department for these new drugs. These NPPA notices have also brought to fore the example of irregularities and monopolistic attitude of pharmaceutical companies. It would be quite interesting to see what the NPPA will do against pharmaceutical companies who have been given a deadline of June 15 to file their response to its notices.

Meanwhile, health experts are of the view that these new drugs launched without the permission of NPPA may put the lives of patients into danger. They have welcomed the action of NPPA and demanded that stringent action should be initiated against pharmaceutical companies for playing with the lives of patients.

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