Biometric attendance system mandatory for corporators

The proposal was approved by corporators of all political parties at the general body meeting that took place on Thursday

Biometric attendance system mandatory for corporators

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) 225 corporators now will have to mark their attendance when they arrive at the headquarters using a biometric attendance system, similar to that used by employees of the civic body.

Corporators of all political parties approved the proposal at the general body meeting held on Thursday.

Corporators skipping general body meeting or leaving it halfway will not be eligible for their allowance once biometric attendance starts. In addition to salary and perks, corporators are paid ₹150 per meeting. The system, however, will not be applicable to the mayor and the deputy mayor.

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Currently, corporators’ attendance is done through signatures on a register without mentioning the duration of their presence in the meetings. As per the rule, every month, corporators should attend at least four of five general body meetings. For now, the system will only be applicable to the general body meetings. A decision will be taken later on whether to make it applicable for attendance to other committee meetings as well.

The BMC brought in the biometric attendance last year for its one lakh employees. Ravi Raja, Group Leader, Congress said the biometric system will instill discipline in the corporators to attend the meetings. 

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