BMC clears projects worth 125 crores in 20 mins


Mumbai- BMC gave nod to several projects in mere 20 minutes which are worth Rs. 125 crores. As civic elections are nearing, ruling as well as opposition party leaders are hurrying up to complete projects in their wards. This was done during the standing committee meeting. Usually, corportaors who fight over petty issues in standing committee meeting were at peace.

Some of the projects:-
-Repair work of Solid Waste Management workers residences- Rs. 4,70,06,118
-Flourmill purchasing- Rs. 2,90, 71,890
-Renovation of Goregaon school- Rs.24,73,85,755
-Widening of Dahisar’s bridge- Rs. 7,47,67,609
-Installation of camera’s- Rs. 2, 45,71,678
-School uniforms for civic schools- Rs. 1,99,16,523
-Construction of civic schools- Rs. 16, 51, 341

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