Beware Mumbaikars! BMC discovers 28,162 places infested with dengue larvae

Between January and September 2018, 99,81,219 houses were jointly investigated by BMC’s Health Department and amongst which, 28,162 places were found to be infested with dengue larvae.


On Thursday, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) Health Department released a statistical report which revealed shocking details about the infestation of Malaria and Dengue larvae. The report strongly states a possible outbreak of Dengue as the municipal corporation found the larvae of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are the carrier of Dengue at 28,162 places in the city.  

However, the shocking part is that half of the discovered larvae were found in people’s drums, which is alarming.

Due to the possibility of dengue outbreak in Mumbai, Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta has instructed the Department of Health and other departments to control the disease. He has also directed the officials to implement the measures needed to control dengue and also to carry out a comprehensive awareness drive, with the concerned departments to reach out to the dengue. 

Every year, BMC’s pesticide department conducts house visits to control dengue and pandemic diseases. Accordingly, between January and September 2018, 99,81,219 houses were jointly investigated and amongst which, 28,162 places were found with infestation from dengue larvae. The places under drums, refrigerators, air conditioners and several other places that are open to infestation due to stagnant water. However, majorly the infestation spread was found in the drums at the houses. 

Looking at the gravity of the situation, the civic body has become alert since October is the perfect time for the mosquitoes to breed as it provides the ideal conditions. Therefore, Mehta has indicated that the spreading of Dengue might possibly be seen throughout the city and has also appealed to the citizens to stay alert. 

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