Shatabdi hospital lay trap for rats


It seems the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has a habit of ignoring civic matters pertaining to a common man. And when a common man loses his life due to BMC's negligence, the latter realise their mistake. 

The same was seen at Kandivali’s Shatabdi Hospital where two elderly patients were attacked by rats. One of the women lost an eye while the other's toe was gnawed by a rat. After the incident was reported, BMC pulled up the strings and have decided to take precautionary measures. 

On Tuesday, BMC’s additional commissioner I A Kundan visited the hospital and asked the staff to take all the precautionary measures to prevent the rats' menace.

Kundan asked the staff to follow these guidelines:-

  • Place rat guard on pipelines, which will disable rats to climb the pipes
  • To catch a rat, use glue pad, rat guard, rat trap
  • Maintain cleanliness to persuade rats off nibbling on waste food
  • Clean-up marshal will help maintain cleanliness
  • To destroy the rat’s burrows
  • Hospital staff has been directed to cover the windows with nets
  • A show-cause notice has been slapped on nine house-keeping companies and four multi-purpose companies