BMC Looks To Assemble Drainage Around Bhandup Complex

The civic authority states that parts of the stormwater drainage system were unknowingly closed whilst constructing a second filtration unit. This led to floodwater and mud entering the facility on Saturday night.

BMC Looks To Assemble Drainage Around Bhandup Complex

After receiving extremely heavy rains, the water treatment facility at Bhandup fell apart. The BMC is thus seeking to curate a perimeter protection by making a stormwater drainage line around the facility.

The authority realized that parts of the stormwater drainage were unknowingly shut whilst constructing a second filtration unit in the facility. This resulted in the floodwater and mud wading their way into the facility. These events thus affected the water supply in Mumbai.

According to some reports, the 365-acre facility treats 2,810 million litres of water every day and addresses 65% of Mumbai’s population. The facility lays encircled by Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the catchment area of the Vihar lake and hills

After insistent rains, owing to the absence of a floodwater channel or stormwater drain, the floodwater and mud entered the facility. Thus, the BMC engineers shut all the surrounding pumps, stopping the filtration and treatment process, impeding water supply in Mumbai. By Sunday evening water supply in some areas was restored whilst other areas attained regular supply by Monday morning.

In light of the same, the BMC has decided to build a flood protection wall and stormwater drain encompassing the facility. It has also urged the Sanjay Gandhi National Park to make a drainage system to redirect floodwater from its premises towards Tulsi Lake.   

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