BMC releases a new list of containment zones in Mumbai as cases increase

Mumbai is one of the cities where the cases have seen a significant rise, and several localities in the city have more than 1,000 active coronavirus cases, taking the tally of active cases to more than 22,000.

BMC releases a new list of containment zones in Mumbai as cases increase

Coronavirus cases in the state have been increasing exponentially, on Friday, September 11, 2020, Maharashtra's coronavirus count crosses 10-lakh cases (one million), with more than 24,000 new cases reported in a day. Four divisions in the state have more than one lakh cases, and the government is trying hard to control the spread of the virus.

Mumbai is one of the cities where the cases have seen a significant rise, and several localities in the city have more than 1,000 active coronavirus cases, taking the tally of active cases to more than 22,000. As per the data released on September 11, by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), Borivali, Kandivali, Andheri and Malad are the worst affected areas in the city. 

Observing an increase in the cases, BMC has sealed some more areas in the city and revised the list of containment zones or red zones in Mumbai. As of September 11, 2020, 557 areas in Mumbai have been sealed. Here's the updated list.

A 1 400001 Baithi Chawl, Siddharth College Zopadpatti, Buddha Bhavan,,,Fort

A 2 400001 Saint George Hospital Compound,P.D'Mello Marg,,Cst

A 3 400001 Ramgad Vasahat,P. D'Mello Marg,St. George Hospital Telephone Compound,Fort

A 4 400005

Ambedkar Nagar, Rohidas Koli Galli, Renuka Mandir To Darya Kinara (Ghoda Galli), Rohidas Koli Dawakhana To Near Ekvira Mandir, (Ghoda Galli

Mansion) From Dr. Hasamani Clinic To Entire Galli, Behind Maruti Jwellers Galli To Scrap Store, Ghoda Galli Buddha Vihar To Chota Masjid, Opposite

Hanuman Galli To Public Toilet,Chotu Kirana Store To Disoza Family (Saparji Ghoda Galli),Capt. Prakash Pethe Marg,,Colaba

A 5 400005 Sundar Nagari, From Jamshedji Bandar Towards Morya Mandir, From Enterance Of Sundar Galli To Saptashrungi Mandir,,Colaba Market,Colaba

A 6 400005 Chandaram Press Chawl,4Th Pasta Lane,,Colaba

A 7 400005 Shivshakti Nagar, Near Marimata Mandir Galli (Entire Galli Room No. A9/50),Jagannath Bhosale Marg,Near Vij Bhavan,Colaba

A 8 400005 Ganesh Murti Nagar Galli No. 1 And Galli No. 10,Captain Prakash Pethe Marg,,Colaba

A 9 400005 Entire Shivmandir Galli, Shivshastri Machchimar Nagar 5, From Common Toilet To Sea End (Horizontal Galli) Entire Galli, Sonar Shop To Sea End,

Ambekae Balwadi Galli To Sea End,Captain Prakash Pethe Marg,,Colaba

A 10 400005 Geeta Nagar West Side, Marimata Mandir To Medical,Dr. Homi Bhabha Road,,Colaba

A 11 400005 Shivshrushti, Machchimar Nagar No. 4, Santosh General Store To Sea Area,Capt. Prakash Pethe Marg,,Colaba

A 12 400005 J.K. Mehta Chawl,N. A. Savant Marg,Near Colaba Fire Brigade,Colaba

A 13 400005 Ganesh Murti Nagar Part 3, From Sai Baba Mandir To Entire Galli No. 1,Capt. Prakash Pethe Marg,Rai Company,Colaba

A 14 400020

Shivshrushti, Machchimar Nagar No. 3, Mahimkar Galli,Public Toilet To Vertical Galli Upto Sea End, Mahimkar Galli, Right Hand Side To Sai Krupa

Chawl, From Reema Jewellers To Sea End Entire Galli, Pazakar Galli To Sea End,Prakashpethe Marg,Public Toilet To Vertical Galli Upto Sea End, Right

Hand Side To Sai Krupa Chawl, From Reema Jewellers To Sea End Entire Galli, Pazakar Galli To Sea End,Colaba

A 15 400020 Ganesh Murti Nagar Part 2, From Sai Mandir To Public Toilets,Captain Prakash Pethe Marg,,Colaba

B 16 400009 Bmc Chawl No 3,Mavji Rathod Road,Walpakhadi,Dongri

B 17 400009 Zhopda,Puna Street,Dana Bunder,Masjid

B 18 400009 Bit Chawl No 1,Dr Maheshwari Road,Chinchbunder,Dongri

B 19 400009 Bit Chawl No 5,Immamwada Road,Opp Memonwada Fire Brigade,Dongri

B 20 400009 Hutmet,Kurla Street,Dana Bunder,Masjid

C 21 400002

Fitwala Bldg(Released 27.04.2020), Glasswala Bldg(Released 13.05.2020),Sayyed Manzil(Released 20.05.2020),Gajdhar Bldg(Released 20.05.2020),

Jamnadas Bldg(Released 20.05.2020),Appa Bldg(Released 11.06.2020),Jamanadas Bldg (Released 29.06.2020),Suja Mansion (Released

06.06.2020),Asgarali Akbar Ali Bldg(Released 29.06.2020),Banduwal Bldg(Released 05.08.2020),Ismail Dongi Bldg(Released 16.06.2020),Lokhandwala

Bldg(Released 20.07.2020),Bandookwala Bldg (Active 14.09.2020),Supariwala Bldg (Active 17.09.2020)(14 Chawls In Chimna Butcher Street), (Total =

14, Declared = 2, Released=12),,,Chimna Butcher Street

C 22 400002

16A Old Sata Galli(Released 30.05.2020),Telwadi(Released 30.05.2020),Dhanji Street (Released 26.07.2020),Nisar Bhuvan(Released

06.08.2020),Bhagat Mansion(Active 30.08.2020),Sutar Chawl(Released 02.09.2020),Bldg No. 88 Telgalli(Released 05.09.2020),Lkhimji Khimji Chawl

(Active 16.09.2020),26-A Dagina Bazar(Active21.09.2020),Raj Milan Bldg(Active24.09.2020)(10 Chawls In Zaveri Bazar Area) (Total =10, Declared =4,

Released=6),,,Zaveri Bazar

C 23 400002

Yunus Bldg(Released 02.06.2020),48/50 4Th Marine Street(Released 14.07.2020), Krushna Bldg(Released 22.07.2020),Parda House(Released

01.08.2020),Santuk House(Released 27.07.2020),32A Welingtone Terrace(Released 22.07.2020),Gold Mohur Bldg(Released 24.07.2020),Ganesh

Bhuvan(Released 06.08.2020),Ratan House(Released 01.08.2020),Fatima Bldg(Released 05.08.2020),Hatim Manzil(Released 05.09.2020),Hamilabai

Bldg(Released 18.08.2020),Bilkis Bldg(Released 20.08.2020),Sai Bhavan(Released 21.08.2020),Paradise House(Released 05.08.2020),Ratan

Manzil(Released 25.08.2020),Chatrabhuj Appartment (Released 10.09.2020),45 Kalyan Bldg (Active 19.09.2020),Hallarka House(Active23.09.2020)(19

Chawls In Dhobi Talao Area)(Total =19, Declared =3, Released=16),S Gaikwad Marg,,Dhobi Talao

C 24 400003

Keshav Nursing Building(Released 29.04.2020), Bori Chwal(Released 03.05.2020),Shriji Bhavan(Released 09.05.2020),Madan House(Released

17.05.2020),Pancholi House(Released 17.05.2020),Subhadra Bldg(Released 17.05.2020),Ajanta Guest House Bldg (Reased 23.06.2020),Jadhavji Kara

Co-Operative Hsg Scty(Released 20.05.2020),Mahadev Shankar(Released 30.05.2020),Shivkrupa Society(Released 25.06.2020),Chunawala

Bldg(Released 07.06.2020),Halai Niwas(Released 25.07.2020), Rushmini Niwas(Released 02.06.2020),Chunawala Bldg(Released 18.06.2020),Tara

House(Released 04.06.2020), Bit Chawl(Released 05.06.2020), Yashwant Chawl(Released 15.06.2020), Bhadriya House(Released

16.06.2020),Yashwant Chawl(Released 05.06.2020) Vajrang Dev Chawl(Released 21.06.2020),Sethna Chawl(Released 10.06.2020),Lotlikar

Bldg(Released 25.06.2020),Sunlight House(Released 21.06.2020),Parekh Niwas(Released 12.06.2020),Bit Chawl (Released 21.06.2020),Bharat

Bld(Released 21.06.2020), Chapwala Bldg(Released 13.06.2020),Attarwala Bldg(Released 15.06.2020),Krishna Niwas(Released 28.06.2020),Ganesh

Bldg(Released 23.06.2020),Halai Lohana Niwas (Released 23.08.2020),Brijwasi Bldg(Released 25.06.2020),Dhan Bhuvan(Released

04.07.2020),Sindhu(Released 30.06.2020),Ratan Niwas(Released 08.07.2020),151 Dadisheth Agyari Lane (Released 01.07.2020)Shamji Chapsi

Mansion(Released 18.07.2020),57/59 Marine Street (Released 08.07.2020),Khwab House(Released 28.07.2020),Bldg No.159 Cavel Cross Lane

(Released 08.07.2020),60J S S Dharamshala (Released 07.07.2020),Lalwani Mansion(Released 08.07.2020),Laxmi Niwas(Released 23.07.2020),Bit

Chawl No. 4 (Released 22.07.2020),Lohana Bldg(Released 30.07.2020), Arvikar Bldg(Released 23.07.2020),Tara House(Released 23.07.2020),

Mangaldas Bldg(Released 08.08.2020),16/2 Shankar Bari Lane (Released 25.07.2020),J.K.Bhatia Soc.(Released 11.08.2020),Mehru Villa(Released

30.07.2020),Near Chandanwadi Smasanwadi(Released 01.08.2020),Above Deepika Jwellers(Released 06.08.2020),Shiv Sadan(Released

15.08.2020),Muunarlal Mansion(Released 12.08.2020),Bmc School Office(Released 07.08.2020),Gomati Apt(Released 15.08.2020),Parishram

Bldg(Released 09.08.2020),Gontiya Appartment(Released 15.08.2020),Opp Marine Palace Bldg(Released 21.08.2020),Kamla Bhavan(Released

25.08.2020), Vishram Bhavan(Released 04.08.2020),Roop Milan(Released 29.08.2020),Bakaria House(Active 30.08.2020),37Tadwadi(Active

08.09.2020),Marker House(Released 04.09.2020),Morarji Velji Compound(Active 17.09.2020),25 Tadwadi(Released 08.09.2020),Navi Wadi (Released

09.09.2020),Singhariya Wadi (Active 17.09.2020),Lakhapati Bldg(Released 10.09.2020),Shiv Sadan Bldg(Released 10.09.2020),Desai Bldg(Relased

10.09.2020),Parekh Niwas (Active 11.09.2020),10/12 Mahadeo Shankar Road (Active 12.09.2020),Vijeram Derchand (Active 12.09.2020), Om Shanti

Bhuvan (Active 14.09.2020),Nitin Vishnu Mitra Mandal (Active 16.09.2020),Tadwadi Naka (Active 16.09.2020),Chandramahal (Active 19.09.2020),

Chunawala Bldg (Active 20.09.2020),Samarth Niwas(Active24.09.2020)(82 Chawls In Chirabazar Area) (Total = 82, Declared = 16,

Released=66),Mahadev Shankar Seth Lane,,Chira Bazar

C 25 400003

Vivek Building(Released 10.05.2020), Jayram Bhere (Released 05.06.2020),Khemka Bhavan(Released 13.08.2020),Dhanji Mulji Bldg(Released

30.05.2020),Kansar Chawl(Released 29.05.2020),Mukund Bhavan(Released 02.06.2020), Narrotamwadi(Released 05.06.2020),132F Bhagatwadi

(Released 01.06.2020),Jarmal Anex Bldg(Released 17.07.2020),343/D Badam Wadi (Released 18.06.2020),Solanki Niwas (Released 06.08.2020),Rele

Chawl(Released 11.07.2020),Ganesh Bhuvan(Released 17.06.2020),Bldg No. 19/21 (Released 15.06.2020),91 M Koliwadi(Released

09.07.2020),Borichi Chawl(Released 23.06.2020),126 D Jagnnath Chawl (Released 10.07.2020),Dawoodji Bldg(Released 09.06.2020),118/122

Jagannath Chawl(Released 20.06.2020),62 Ramwadi (Released 11.06.2020),63Rele Bldg(Released 20.06.2020),68 Bit Chawl (Released

21.06.2020),Joshi Wadi (Released 13.06.2020),14/18 Vithoba Lane (Released 17.06.2020), 39 Rele Bldg (Released 14.06.2020),116Naraya

Dhruv(Released 14.06.2020),108C Jagannath Chawl(Released 26.06.2020),63Cfanaswadi(Released 31.07.2020),37 Memon Street(Released

15.06.2020),Moti Bldg(Released 16.06.2020),366/368 Diamond Mansion (Released 18.06.2020),91 J Koliwadi (Released 06.09.2020),39 Chatrabhuj

(Released 18.06.2020),Nijam Bldg (Released 18.06.2020),Anand Bhavan 19.06.2020),91E Koliwadi (Released 20.06.2020),39 Chatrabhuj (Released

04.08.2020),39 Chatrabhuj (Released 27.06.2020),126 Kabutarkhana(Released 22.06.2020),Popatwadi (Released 30.06.2020),91 E Pachwat Wadi

(Released (02.07.2020),Nakhuda Bldg(Released 24.06.2020), 115 Koliwadi, Makwana 51 (Released 08.08.2020),Bhatia Mahajan Wadi(Released

05.07.2020),Malvani Chawl(Released 30.06.2020),91B Koliwadi(Released 11.07.2020),Swaminarayan Bldg(Released 14.08.2020),Ajanta

Chambar(Released 15.08.2020), 419 Joshiwadi (Released 30.06.2020),91C Koliwadi(Released 26.06.2020),Ayyar Manzil(Released

28.06.2020),129Bldg(Released 30.06.2020), Vasudev Bldg(Released 11.07.2020),Siya House(Released 31.07.2020),Morarji Velji Bldg(Released

19.07.2020),407 Crofred Market (Released 16.07.2020),25/27 M S S Lane (Released 17.07.2020),Daimond Mansion(Released 18.07.2020),K P Bldg

(Released 21.07.2020),Cooper Bldg (Released 30.07.2020),Kataria Bldg (Released 02.08.2020),91K Koliwadi(Released 30.07.2020),Sabu Bhuvan

(Released 12.08.2020),294C Govindwadi(Released26.07.2020),Jaywanti Chawl(Released 26.07.2020),Kansara Chawl (Released 05.08.2020),Patwa

Chawl(Released 04.08.2020),Laxmi Bhavan(Released 08.08.2020),Halai Bhatia Mahajan Wadi (Released 09.08.2020),Lohar Chawl (Released

12.08.2020),Ganesh Bhavan(Released 13.08.2020),Gyan Bldg(Released 16.08.2020),Chikhal House(Released 13.08.2020),Mali Walji(Released

17.08.2020),Amrut Niwas(Released 20.08.2020),27/29 Kolbhat Lane(Released 21.08.2020),Gaurakshak Bldg(Released 02.09.2020),Pathanwala

Bldg(Released 21.08.2020),Radanshi Jivraj Bldg (Released 21.08.2020),Sitaram Bldg(Released 21.08.2020),Old Sitaram Bldg (Released

24.08.2020),Akshar Bhuvan(Released 24.08.2020),413C Vasant Wadi(Released 28.08.2020),Narayan Niwas(Released 24.08.2020),398A Old Bhatia

Mahajan Wadi(Released 04.09.2020),Shree Kapreshwar Kripa (Released 04.09.2020),23/25 Kolbhat Lane(Released 01.09.2020),Hussain Bldg(Released

05.09.2020),93B Raut Estate(Released 04.09.2020),Krishna Niwas(Released 09.09.2020),43Ramwadi(Released 03.09.2020),Madhavji Thakarji

Bldg(Released 06.09.2020),Kotkar House(Released 06.09.2020),Vivek Bldg(Released 09.09.2020),2048 Lohar Chawl(Released 09.09.2020)Laxmi

Niwas(Released10.09.2020),Moti Bldg(Released 10.09.2020),Ramnath Sadan (Active 12.09.2020),Ganga Niwas (Active 12.09.2020),Padamshi Morarji

Bldg Active 12.09.2020),Jagannath Chawl (Active 14.09.2020),Jagannath Chawl(Active 15.09.2020),Ramdas Ramchandra Bldg(Active 16.09.2020),384

B Dabholkar Wadi (Active 17.09.2020),Khuochand Mention(Active 18.09.2020), Old Halai Bhatia Mahajan Wadi(Active 19.09.2020),Jagnnath Chawl

C 26 400003

Dhobi Bldg(Released 26.05.2020),Ganesh Bhuvan(Released 10.05.2020),Vyas Bldg(Released 17.05.2020),Tulsidas Jethalal Bldg(Released

12.05.2020),Somji Bldg(Released 12.05.2020),118 3Rd Kumbharwada(Released 19.05.2020),Mataka Building(Released 25.05.2020),Mukund

Bhavan(Released 27.05.2020),School Bldg(Released 30.05.2020),Black Stone Bldg(Released 01.06.2020),181/195 Black Stone (Released

18.06.2020),Gulab Mansion(Released 05.07.2020),Jethabhai Bldg(Released 29.07.2020),Mahendra Bhavan(Released 04.08.2020),Bldg No.

102(Released 07.08.2020),Mukund Bhavan (Released 12.08.2020),Solanki Bhavan(Released 21.08.2020),Ram Mandir Bldg(Released

05.09.2020),Dhiraj Bhavan(Released 21.08.2020),66/86 School Bldg(Active 30.08.2020),7B Tayyab Bldg(Active 18.09.2020),56 Chandra Mahal (Active

20.09.2020),Dinshw Mahal (Active22.09.2020),Tatya Pandu Bldg(Active24.09.2020)(24 Chawls In 3Rd Kumbharwada Area)(Total =24, Declared = 05,

Released=19),,,3Rd Kumbharwada

C 27 400003

Sighriya Bldg(Released 10.05.2020),Karnolak Mahal(Released 17.05.2020),Hemrajwadi B Room No 46(Released 24.05.2020),Hemrajwadi

29/31(Released 02.06.2020),14/C Zaobawadi(Released 02.06.2020),17 Zaobawadi(Released 27.06.2020),Radha Bldg(Released 16.06.2020),,Dama

Bldg(Released 23.06.2020),Dagadi Bldg(Released 24.06.2020),Laxmichand Niwas(Released 02.07.2020), 318F Kamat Chawl(Released

07.08.2020),Purshottam Kanji Chawl(Released 10.08.2020),23/25 Zaoba Wadi (Released 10.08.2020),Padhe Bldg (Released 24.07.2020), 12A

Purushottam Kanji Chawl (Released 11.07.2020),318 C Kamat Chawl (Released 12.07.2020),Laxmi Narayan Bldg(Released30.07.2020),18 Shiv

Sadan(Released 04.08.2020),316D Hemraj Wadi(Released 11.07.2020),23E Zaoba Wadi(Released 14.07.2020),11 Shanti Sadan(Released

08.08.2020),32E Hemraj Wadi(Released 17.07.2020), Seth Block(Released 23.07.2020),Chawl No. 06 Lilawati Chotu Chawl (Released

23.07.2020),Parekh Bldg(Released25.08.2020),Appa Baug Bldg(Released 31.07.2020),Shri Bhuvan(Released 25.07.2020),316A Hemraj Wadi(Released

28.07.2020),21B Laxmibai(Released 04.08.2020)Parshuram Bldg (Released 28.07.2020),316 C Hemraj Wadi (Released 29.07.2020),Lilawati Chotu

Chawl(Released 01.08.2020),Mangaldas Bldg(Released 08.08.2020),316D Hemrajwadi(Released 09.08.2020), Indira Bldg(Released

06.08.2020),Atmaram Bldg(Released 11.08.2020), Paw Wala Bldg(Released 14.08.2020),Cotwala Bldg(Released 16.08.2020),Dinshaw Bldg(Released

16.08.2020),Ganeshkripa Bldg(Released 18.08.2020),419D Joshiwadi(Released 23.08.2020),Shree Bhavan(Released 23.08.2020),Shree Bhavan Bldg

(Released 26.08.2020),Bataram House(Released 02.09.2020),Gaon Soc. Bldg(Released 07.09.2020),Laxmibai Chawl (Active 17.09.2020),Devidas

Bhavan (Active 14.09.2020),Shanti Sadan (Active 14.09.2020),3/5/7 Seth Block (Active 14.09.2020),32 Karelwadi (Active 19.09.2020),Bldg

No.04(Active21.09.2020),Sukhsadan(Active22.09.2020),17/183 Gulab Bhavan(Active 23.09.2020),22 Karelwadi (Active23.09.2020)(54 Chawls In

Thakurdwar Area)(Total =54, Declared = 09, Released=45),Ganesh Baug,,Thakurdwar

C 28 400003

Pravin House(Released 14.05.2020),Dodiya House (Released 24.05.2020),Vajir Mansion(Released 01.06.2020),Arjun Niwas(Released

22.06.2020),Ganga House(Released 16.07.2020),Ahmed Bldg(Released 30.07.2020),Pansare House(Released 24.08.2020),42/44 4Th

Kumbharwada(Released 06.09.2020), Jetha Bhimji Bldg (Active 18.09.2020)(9 Chawl In 4Th Kumbharwada Area)(Total =9, Declared = 1,

Released=8),,,4Th Kumbharwada

C 29 400003

Bori House(Released 04.05.2020),Rangwala Bldg(Released 14.05.2020),Bldg No 19 1St Sutargalli(Released 12.05.2020),Kherwadi Bldg(Released

14.05.2020), Manimahal Bldg(Released 19.05.2020),Ahmadi Bldg(Released 22.06.2020),Kachi House(Released 23.05.2020),Balkrishna

Niwas(Released 28.05.2020),Gokarana Mansion(Released 01.06.2020),Farida House(Released 01.06.2020),Mulji Thakkar C Bldg(Released

12.06.2020),New Sonawala Bldg(Released 05.06.2020),Habib Bldg(Released 01.08.2020), 2/4 V P Road(Released 10.06.2020),Kacchi House (Released

20.06.2020),Shriniwas Bldg(Released 25.06.2020),Room No. 36 Above Madhav Baug(Released 24.06.2020),137A Madhav Baug Bldg(Released

11.07.2020),Shreenath Co Op Hsg Soc. (Released 27.07.2020),Govind Bldg(Released 11.07.2020),Moti Shah Jain Bldg(Released 09.08.2020),Mulji

Thakarshi Bldg(Released 10.08.2020),Sanghavi Bhavan(Released 14.08.2020),Salvi Bhuvan(Released 22.08.2020),Raghav Ashram Bldg(Released

15.08.2020),Dhiraj Bhavan(Released 21.08.2020),Glant House(Released 28.08.2020),Gopal Krishna Bhavani Bldg(Released 29.08.2020),Narayan

Niwas(Active 13.09.2020),Pushpa Sadan(Released 04.09.2020),Patel Bldg(Active 18.09.2020),Govind Bldg(Active 06.09.2020),Hm Bldg (Released

09.09.2020),Rangwala Bldg (Active 15.09.2020),Jamunadas Bldg (Released 09.09.2020),Shreenath Co-Op, Hsg, Soc(Active 18.09.2020)(35 Chawls In C

P Tank Area) (Total =35, Declared = 6, Released=29),Islampura Street,,Cp Tank

C 30 400003

Bldg No. 19 Panchayatwadi(Released 21.05.2020),95/99 Bhuleshwar Road(Released 21.05.2020),Jai Hind Estate(Released 19.07.2020), Bldg No. 33/77

Atmaram Merchant Road(Released 24.05.2020),Anuj Bhavan(Released 28.05.2020),Panchayatwadi Bldg(Released 29.05.2020),Saraswari

Niwas(Released 01.06.2020), Kalyan Bldg(Released 02.06.2020), Lal Mani Bldg(Released 18.06.2020),Davji Bldg(Released 03.06.2020),Mukhara

Chawl(Released 09.06.2020),45 Panchayat Wadi(Released 08.06.2020),Kakoli House(Released 09.06.2020),Kabutarkhana Circle(Released

16.06.2020),Anantwadi Bldg(Released 11.07.2020), Mulji Takarsy Bldg(Released 22.06.2020),Godji Chawl(Released 01.07.2020),Lalbaula

Mandir(Released 25.06.2020),Bldg No 6/8 Anant Wadi Nagar Niwas (Released 04.07.2020),Ambadham Bldg(Released 03.07.2020),Jai Hind

Bldg(Released 01.07.2020),Anantwadi Bldg(Released 31.07.2020),3Rd Bhoiwada Mota Mandir(Released 11.08.2020),Bhagat Tarachand

Hotel(Released 16.07.2020),Bagicha Chawl(Released 05.08.2020),Patrawala Bldg(Released 15.08.2020),Lotwala Bldg(Released 30.08.2020),Flat No,

37 Bmc Market(Released 28.08.2020),Mota Mandir Trust(Released 03.09.2020),Ratansi Javraj Bldg(Released 03.09.2020),Bldg No.18 Kapol

Wadi(Released 08.09.2020),Bihari Baug (Released10.09.2020),Swaminarayan Bldg(Active10.09.2020),116 Mahavir Sadan (Active

15.09.2020),Lalbawala Haveli (Active 18.09.2020),Shyam Sadan (Active 20.09.2020),Chana Shop Under Somji Bldg(Active23.09.2020)(37 Chawls In

Bhuleshwar Area)(Total =37, Declared = 6, Released=31),Panchayatwadi,,Bhuleshwar

C 31 400003

Haji Kasam Bldg(Released 11.05.2020),231/235 Sant Sena Maharaj Marg(Released 14.05.2020),Vishwavera Bldg(Released 21.05.2020), Tayyabi

Bldg(Released 21.05.2020), Laxmi Bldg(Released 21.05.2020), Kesurwala Bldg(Released 21.05.2020),131 2Nd Kumbharwada(Released

27.05.2020),Bldg No 107 Near Gol Deval(Released 28.05.2020),Navsari Bldg(Released 31.05.2020),Kapibai Bldg(Released 01.06.2020),Dongare

Bldg(Released 23.06.2020),Saroj Niwas(Released 22.06.2020),Bldg No.52 Duncan Road(Released 22.06.2020),211 Sant Sena Maharaj Marg(Released

29.06.2020),Ram Sadan(Released 24.07.2020),Jairam Bhana Bldg(Released 24.08.2020),Kesurwala Mansion(Released 22.08.2020),Ram Sadan

Rahiwashi Sangh Bldg(Released 10.09.2020),Kalapathar Bldg (Active15.09.2020),Jamnabhai Bldg (Released 09.09.2020),Bara Chawl

(Active21.09.2020)(20 Chawls In 2Nd Kumbharwada Area) (Total =20, Declared =3, Released=17),,,2Nd Kumbharwada

C 32 400003

Docter Bldg(Released 29.05.2020), L.K.Bldg(Released 27.05.2020),Kamla Niwas(Released 05.08.2020),Docter Bldg C Wing(Released

10.08.2020),Kalmal Niwas(Released 29.08.2020),Docter Bldg (Active 16.09.2020) (6 Chawls In 5Th Kumbharwada Area)(Total =6, Declared 1=,

Released=5),5Th Kumbharwada,,5Th Kumbharwada

C 33 400003

Chandramahal(Released 11.05.2020),Nagu Kamathi Chawl(Released 14.05.2020),Manaji Bldg(Released 14.05.2020),Jamnabai Bldg(Released

20.05.2020),36 Bhandari Street(Released 16.05.2020),Lokhandwala Bldg(Released 20.06.2020),Kolekar Bldg(Released 28.05.2020),Pushpasadan

Bldg(Released 05.06.2020),Datt Niwas(Released),Todkari House(Released 22.06.2020),Navsari Sakharwala Bldg(Released 20.06.2020),Narayan

Niwas(Released 27.07.2020),Asma Bldg(Released 08.08.2020), Phutane Bldg(Released 10.08.2020),Jamunabhai Bldg(Released 18.08.2020),Dhobi

Bldg(Released 28.08.2020),Hajikasam Bldg (Released 09.09.2020),Haji Kasam Bldg(Active21.09.2020),406 Harharwala Bldg(Active22.09.2020)(19

Chawls In 1St Kumbharwada) (Total =19, Declared 2=, Released=17),Bhandari Street,,1St Kumbharwada

C 34 400003

Gardi Bldg(Released 24.05.2020),Haji Bldg(Released 06.06.2020),Bldg No. 250 I R Road(Released 14.06.2020)Zainbua Bldg(Released

23.06.2020),Madina Bldg(Released 22.07.2020),Lucky Bldg(Released 01.08.2020),Tricone Comapny(Released 02.08.2020),Palka Manzil(Active

31.08.2020),Ibrahim Mansion (Active 16.09.2020)(9Chawls In Bhendi Bazar Area) (Total =9, Declared 2=, Released=7),,,Bhendi Bazar

C 35 400004

Mahavir Mansion(Released 07.05.2020),Dwarkadas Mansion(Released 16.05.2020),Kanchwala Bldg(Released 19.05.2020),Bldg No. 128(Released

20.05.2020),Shop No. 9662(Released 21.05.2020),Patrawala Bldg(Released 22.05.2020),Tayyabi Manzil Bldg No. 51(Released 24.05.2020),122

Mahavir Mansion (Released 27.05.2020),Bldg No. 29(Released 28.05.2020),Bldg No. 69/70(Released 27.05.2020), Hasam Mansion (Released

28.05.2020),45/A Ram Galli(Released 30.05.2020),Taufa Bldg(Released 29.05.2020),Aba Bldg(Released 15.08.2020),4/6 B P Lane(Released

01.06.2020), Lokhandwala Bldg(Released 14.06.2020),Amina Mansion(Released 03.06.2020),Telwala Bldg(Released 09.06.2020),Zakira Patel

Bldg(Released 20.06.2020), Mogal Bldg(Released 03.07.2020),Noor Bhoy(Released 05.07.2020),Zariwala Bldg(Released 13.07.2020),Ghogari

Mohalla(Released 20.07.2020),Moghul Bldg (Released 25.08.2020),Husain Bhai Mansion(Released 27.08.2020),Chabildas Bldg(Released

05.09.2020),Fatka Mazil Room No. 34(Released 06.09.2020),Bldg No.20 (Active 10.09.2020), Bhansali Bldg (Active 18.093.2020),508 Jamnabai Bldg

(Active20.09.2020), 467Husainbhai Mansion(Active 20.09.2020),Hanifabai Bldg(Active22.09.2020),Kika Bhay Mansion(Active23.09.2020),Shetty

Bldg(Active23.09.2020)(34 Chawls In Null Bazar Area)(Total =34, Declared = 07, Released=27),Gulalwadi,,Null Bazar

D 36 400004 Jayant Apartment, Mumbaidevi Bldg, Kakadwadi, Keshavji Naik Chawl,Ratan Niwas, Gurukrupa Building, Kanji Khetsi Bldg, B/50 Dhudhwala

Building,Kanji Khetji Bldg,Cooper Bldg,Shate Bldg,Sadashiv Cross Lane,Khadilkar Rd, Opp Sadashiv Lane, 6Th Kumbharwada,Kandawadi,Girgaon

D 37 400004 Narayan Wadi, Kanji Khetji Chawl, Shantaram Chawl,Arya Samaj Bldg,Bhabha Chawl,Khadilkar Road,Cp Tank,Girgaon

D 38 400004 Pandurangwadi, Gaiwadi, Parshuramwadi, R. N. 4, Kranti Nagar,Mehata Mention,Jss Road,Girgaon,Mumbai

D 39 400004 Kalyan Building / Subhash Bhavan/ /Hazi Ismail Bldg, Shrikrishana Bhavan, J J Bldg,Khadilkar Road, Mughbhat Lane, T G Path,Girgaon,Mumbai

D 40 400006 Darya Sagar Zopadapatti, Ramdas Bhansali Chawl, 7 Reva House Zopadpatti,Seva Sangh Zopadpatti,,Bd Road,Nr. Mahalaxmi Tempel

D 41 400007 Babulnath Temple, Sakseriya House,Babulnath Rd,,,Mumbai

D 42 400007 Bmc Chawl, Murarji Niwas,Gokuldaji Wadi,417, M. B. Compound, Gokuldas Devji Wadi,Fire Brigade Compound, Opera House,, Nana Chowk, Near

Kannedy Bridge,Mumbai

D 43 400008 Bit Chawl,S P Shed Zopadpatti, Rushi Mehta Compound, Ramdarshan Chs, R N-211,Belasis Road,,Mumbai Central

D 44 400008 Bal Govind Chawl,Lamington Road,Opp Minera Cinema,Mumbai

D 45 400034 Dmd,Dmg, Dmh,Dmb,Dmu, Transit Camp,Bmc Chawl,Tardeo, Tulsiwadi, Behind K Block, Gunwant Chandulal Chawl,Dmu-42, Dawoodbhai Fazalbhai

Chawl, Beside A C Market,Tulsiwadi Zopadpatti,New Afroz Road,Tardeo

D 46 400034 Bldg No 1, Rehmatbhai Bldg Jariwala Chawl, Shivram Bane Chawl, Ganjawala Bldg, R. N. 396, Sane Guruji Marg, J K Mehta Chawl, Ambika

Bhavan,,Sane Guruji Marg,Tardeo

E 47 400008 Haji Kasam Chawl,Siddharth Nagar,Tambuwadi Chawl,Bbabu Kapadia Chawl,Shanak Pupala Marg,Duncan Road,Khandia Street,Byculla,Nagpada

E 48 400008 Bit Chawl No.2, Kasam Hati Chawl,Chandramani Buddha Vihar,New Lambi Chawl,Vidyut Locoshed,Bmc Chawl, Suchak Building,1St,9Th,4Thand 7Th

Lane,Kamathipura,Amin Patel Office,Byculla

E 49 400008 Bit Chawl No.2 &3,Wadi Bunder,Love Lane,Jm Rathod Marg,Mazgaon,Byculla

E 50 400008 Nayee Chawl,Aksa Manzil,Noorani Chawl,Adam Siddhiqui Chawl,Chasma Vali Chawl,Mestry Ki Chawl,3Rd Gelabai Lane,Ma Road, Sakali Street,Ghosht

Bajar,Badlu Rangari Street,Meghraj Sethi Marg,Meghraj City Zopadpati, 2Nd Gelabai Madanpura,Mazgaon,Byculla

E 51 400010

Tulsiwadi Chawl,Kawla Bunder Darukhana, Dr Sanjay Dalvi Clinic,Abu Bukar Chawl Shanti Nagar,Sunni Kabrastan,Lakdi Bunder,Kasara Bunder,Bori

Chawl,Amina Mandir,Ambevadi Beithi Chawl,Central Railway Chawl No.6,Kalsekar Chawl,Bansilal Panelal Chawl,Dogarbaba Zopadpatti,Gun Powder

Road,Reay Road,New Tank Bunder Road,Sant Savata Marg,Matarpakadi Road, Hussain Patel Marg, D'Lima Street,Darukhana,Marriamma Mandir,Reay


E 52 400010 Bit Chawl,St. Merry Road,Bit Chawl,Mazgaon

E 53 400011 Transit Camp, Suryaji Compound,Patra Chawl,Bmc Chawl Milind Nagar,Tank Pakadi Road,Transit Camp, Lucky Compound, Khatau Mill, Opp. Shamim


E 54 400011 Bit Chawl,Kikabai Chawl,Mg Marg,Rb Chandorkar Marg,Bit Chawl,Agripada

E 55 400011 Lambi Cement Chawl,Bit Talwadi Chawl,Bj Marg, Saint Merry Road,Kamathipura,Byculla

E 56 400011 Hawabai Chawl,Pansare Chawl,Pani Kahte Chawl 564,Vasudev Vinayak Chawl,N. M. Joshi Marg,Arthur Road Naka,Chinchpokli

E 57 400011 56J Rasuljiva Compound,Modern Mill Zopdi,Kk Road 7Th Rasta, Sane Guruji Marg,Jacob Circle,Byculla

E 58 400012 Shivshakti Building,Telli Gully,Chinchpokli,Chinchpokli

E 59 400027 New Irani Chawl,Shinde Chawl,Abdul Rauf Manzil,Desai Chawl,Chaskar Chawl,R.B. Marg,Kapreshwar Mandir,Byculla

E 60 400027 Hawabai Chawl,Pansare Chawl,Pani Kahte Chawl 564,Vasudev Vinayak Chawl

,N. M. Joshi Marg,Arthur Road Naka,Chinchpokli

E 61 400033 Kandi Karkhana,Abhinandan Nivas No.4,R B Marg,Ghodapdeo,Ghodapdeo

FN 62 400022 ,Panchashil,Sion

FN 63 400022 Hawabai Chawl,Pansare Chawl,Pani Kahte Chawl 564,Vasudev Vinayak Chawl,N. M. Joshi Marg,Arthur Road Naka,Chinchpokli

FN 64 400031 ,Wadala Village,Wadala West

FN 65 400037 Salt Pan Road,Bhaiyyasaheb Nagar,Wadala East

FN 66 400037 ,Bhartiya Kamla Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

FN 67 400037 ,Bpt Gate No 4,Wadala East

FN 68 400037 ,Kokri Agar,Antop Hill Wadala

FN 69 400037 ,Korba Mithagar,Wadala East

FN 70 400037 ,Sangam Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

FN 71 400037 ,Shanti Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

FS 72 400012 Bhim Nagar,Bai Jer Bai Wadia Road,Bhim Nagar,Bhoiwada

FS 73 400012 Shivlal Patra Chawl,St. Xavier Street, Bhoiwada,Shivlal Patra Chawl,Parel

FS 74 400012 Kondhaji Chawl,V L Pednekar Marg,Kondhaji Chawl,Parel

FS 75 400012 Bit Chawl,Vitthal Chavan Marg,Bit Chawl,Parel

FS 76 400012 Khoja Kasam Chawl,J Merwanji Street,,Khoja Kasam Chawl,Parel

FS 77 400012 Kem Hostel,Ernest Borges Road,Kem Hostel,Parel

FS 78 400012 Bohri Chawl,G D Ambekar Marg,Bohri Chawl,Parel

FS 79 400012 Laxmi Cottage,Dr. B A Road,Laxmi Cottage,Parel

FS 80 400012 Ramdoot Chawl,Sane Guruji Marg,Ramdoot Chawl,Chinchpokli

FS 81 400012 Habib Mansion,Dr. B A Road,Habib Mansion,Lalbaug

FS 82 400012 Peru Compound,Gas Company Lane,Peru Compound,Parel

FS 83 400012 Vikrant Sadan,Sane Guruji Marg,Vikrant Sadan,Chinchpokli

FS 84 400012 Sudam Bhavan,Sane Guruji Marg,Sudam Bhavan,Chinchpokli

FS 85 400012 Yashwant Chawl,Rajkamal Lane,Yashwant Chawl,Parel

FS 86 400012 Sita Sadan,Dinshaw Petit Lane,Sita Sadan,Lalbaug

FS 87 400012 Ambewadi Slum,G D Ambekar Marg,Ambewadi Slum,Kalachowky

FS 88 400014 Spring Mill,Gd Ambekar Marg,Spring Mill,Dadar

FS 89 400014 Kohinoor Mill Chawl,M.J. Phule Road,Kohinoor Mill Chawl,Dadar

FS 90 400014 Bdd Chawl,Naigaon Cross Road,Bdd Chawl,Dadar

FS 91 400014 Naigaon Police Quarters,Naigaon Cross Road,Naigaon Police Quarters,Dadar

FS 92 400014 Gurudwara,S M Jadhav Marg,Gurudwara,Dadar

FS 93 400014 Ahmed Sellor Compound,B J Devrukhkar Road,Ahmed Sellor Compound,Dadar

FS 94 400014 Gautam Nagar,Dadasaheb Phalke Road,Gautam Nagar,Dadar

FS 95 400014 Maharashtra Guest House,Dr. B A Road,Maharashtra Guest House,Dadar

FS 96 400015 Shivlal Patra Chawl,St. Xavier Street, Bhoiwada,Shivlal Patra Chawl,Parel

FS 97 400015 Gopal Baug Slum,T J Road,Gopal Baug Slum,Sewree

FS 98 400015 Ganesh Baug Slum,T J Road,Ganesh Baug Slum,Sewree

FS 99 400015 Indira Nagar,Haji Bunder Road,,Indira Nagar,Sewree

FS 100 400015 Ganeh Nagar & Shri Krishna Nagar,Acharya Donde Marg,Ganeh Nagar & Shri Krishna Nagar,Sewree

FS 101 400033 Dnyaneshwar Nagar Slum,Ra Kidwai Marg,Dnyaneshwar Nagar Slum,Sewree

FS 102 400033 Jijamata Nagar And Parshuram Nagar,G D Ambekar Marg,Jijamata Nagar And Parshuram Nagar,Kalachowky

GN 103 400016

Miranda Chawl,Naya Nagar, Parakash Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar, Kapda Bazar, Ramgad, Killa Compound, Makhadumiya Nagar,Shivshakti Machimar

Nagar,Devaji Govind Chawal,Kharva Bechar Chawal, Tadeshwar Wadi, Fisherman Colony, Bandu Pradesh Chawl, Brahmanwadi, Mistry Nagar,

Kadriwadi Chawl, Meher Arun Kumar Vaidya, Causway General, Bal Govind Das Wadi, Bhaskar Patil Wadi, Siddhi Vinayak Wadi, Causeway Koliwada

Duming Nakhva Chawl, Girgaonkar Wadi,Raut Wadi, Sai Society, Aloo Suwar Chawl, Jan Seva Rahivashi Sangh, Parshuram Niwas, S P Kawaali Wadi,

Municipal Transit Camp, Kranti Nagar Zopadpatti, Causeway Road Zopadpatti, Mahim Nakhva Rahiwasi Sangh, Keshawadi Kolsawadi, Janabai

Chawl,Haji Ghachi Wadi, Kawal Wadi, Dinanath Wadi, Mainak Wadi,Navjeevan Kamgar Chawl, Naya Basti Nagar, Retiwala Chawl,Machhimar

Nagar,Sarkar Wada,Pedhnekar Chawl, Koli Wadiparekh Mahal, Shivram Wadi, Koli Samaj Ramgadh Fisherman Colony, Pattan Wadi Roopwadi,

Padmashali Matunga Labour Camp, Shivram Wadi, Pensioner Wadi, M K Lala Chawl`, Anik Court, Bhaji, New Mangle Wadi Pala Wadi, Lucky

Chawl,Municipal, Daswadi Patra Chawl, Azad Nagar Chawl, Keshar Wadi, Tukaram Niketan Mainak Wadi,Damodar Wadi, Nathusheth Chawl

Maharashtra Lucky Chawl, Balwanti Wadi, Wagheshwari Bhuvan Parvati Wadi, Bayabai Chawljanabai Chawl Kadari Wadi, Kaleskar Wadi, Kapad

Bazar,444 Gurudatta Koli Samaj Zopadpatti, Dariya Zopadpatti. 36 B Kenny House,Room No 09 Kalu Rajab Chawl,Room No 3 Parvati Wadi Sarkar

Wada, Gurudutta Koli Samaj Sangh Zopadpatti,Nusser Wanji Wadi,Mahim Nakhwa Rahiwashi Sangh,, Haji Ibrahim Chawl,Tatcal Wadi,117,Mahim

Slums, Udyog Mandir, Opp. St Xaviers College, Nr. Sies School, Shivaji Park, Dhau House, Malni Saran Kendra, Behind Mahim Bus Depot, Indira Nagar

Patel Nagar, New Mangle Wadi,Mahim

GN 104 400017

Shakti Chawl, Nityanand Chawl,Khamba Devi, Madina Chawl, Sanjay Chawl, Dambar Copmound, Ganesh Rahiwasi Sangh,Khambadevi Road Veer

Lahuji Ustad Chawl, Ramkutir Chawl 322, Room No 02 Sanaullah Camp,Durgappa Hulgal Room No 5 Haji Rajab Ali Chawl No 11,Room No 734 Tanki

Day Chawl, Shivangi Rahiwasi Chawl Sion Chawl, Sutar Chawl,Sion Bandra Link Road,Mukund Nagar,Dharavi

GN 105 400017

Raichand Wadi, Kumbharwad 1St Wadi,Indian Nagar Dr Rajendra Prasad Chawl,Room No 15 Plot No 101 Palawadi New Chwal,Sambhaji Chawl, Kalva

Chawl,90 Feet Road,Kumbharwada, Balaji Nagar, Sangam Gully, T Junction, Ram Mandir, Aks Nagar, Kamraj School,Kumbharwada, Balaji Nagar,

Sangam Gully, T Junction, Ram Mandir, Aks Nagar, Kamraj School

GN 106 400017 Kuchikurve Nagar, Uday Building, Nabi Nagar, Indra Nagar, Kutti Wadi, Anna Nagar, Sheth Wadi, Muslim Nagar, Shammi Nagar, Akg Nagar, Nawab

Nagar, Madina Nagar, Chhota Sion Hospital, Sai Baba Nagar, Habilal Chawl, Jayayt Chawl,60 Feet Road,Sant Kabir Marg,Kunchikurve Nagar,Dharavi

GN 107 400017 138,Jyoti Chawl, Vijay Nagar Zopadpati Shree Ganesh Mandal,90 Feet Road, Matunga Road, M G Road,,Dharavi Transist Camp, Near Municipal School,

Dc Vibhaug Ganesh Vikas Mandal, Kala Killa, Mariyaman Mandir,Dharavi

GN 108 400017 Ambedkar Chawl Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Pila Bunglow, Rajiv Gmahiandhi Sports Complex,,Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Sunni Masjid,Dharavi

GN 109 400017

Matunga Labour Camp, Kamla Nehru Nagar,Rajashi Shahu Nagar, Ramabai Nagar, Meghwadi,Svp Nagar Chawl, Mali Chawl,Room No 95 Machai Khan

Lala Chawl,Room No 401 Chawl No 34 E Matunga Road,Dr Ambedkar Road, Maharshi Valmiki Marg, 60 Feet Road,Wenden Avenue Road Kala Killa, T H

Katariya Marg, 62 Feet Road,Matunga Labour Camp Tata Power, Central Railway Colony, Chota Sion Hospital,Dharavi

GN 110 400017 Azad Nagar, New Kamla Nagar, Old Kamla Nagar, Lala Compound, Akg Nagar,60 Feet Road & Jasmin Mill Road, Cross Road,Jasmin Mill Road, Nr

Chhota Sion Hospital, Sunni Racca Masjid

GN 111 400017

Kala Killa, Sagram Nagar, Sangam Gully, St. Rohidas Marg, Parsi Chawl, Ashok Mill Compound, Naik Nagar,Shatabdi Nagar, Thevar Nagar, Sion Bandra

Link Road, Parwatibai Chawlkalyanwadi,Pream Nagar, Parvati Bai Chawl,Eknath Bobde Chawl, Kamdev Nagar,R No 88 Parshuram Yellappa Chawl,V K

Wadi Asra Building Room No 005,Dharavi Road,Kala Killa, Opp Someshwar Building,Dharavi         

GN 112 400017

Chamada Bazar,Dhorwada,Bagicha Compound,Bhartiya Chawl,Rajiv Gandhi Chawl,Maharana Pratap Nagar,Zakhir Hussain Chawl, Latur Galli, Lal Patra

Chawl, Haji Abubakar Chawl,Abubakar Ki Chawl, Maratha Chawl, Sanjay Gandhi Chawl,Room No 3013 Mp Nagr Dholwada Bharatiy Chawl,,Chamada

Bazar, Mp Nagar,Dharavi             

GN 113 400017

Shastri Nagar,Indira Qureshi Nagar,Ganesh Chawl, Ujala, Chawl, Laxmi Chawl, Koliwada, Mangal Wadi, Ramakant Koli Chawl, Jamat Chawl, Hasan Kuti

Chawl, Mk Lala Chawl, St. Anthony Durmil Chawl, Noor Chawl, Vinasnana Chawl,Room No A-130 2 4 Shastrinagar Opp Annasheth Chawl,Koli

Chowki,Samrat Ashok Chawl,Hussania Masjid,New Municipal Chawl,Kisan Kalekar Chwl, Mangalya Captian Chawl, Dharavi Koli Wada,Dharavi Main

Road, Ambedkar School Cross Road, Koliwada, Qureshi Nagar, Kakkaya Road, Sasal Nagar,Shashtri Nagar, Behind Datta Mandir,Mukund Nagar,Dharavi


GN 114 400017

Dagdi Chawl, Sant Kakaya Marg, Bashemar Nagar, Dharavi Cross Road, Dharavi Main Road, Bmc Chawl,Subhash Nagar, Shivaragan Chawl, Changwe

Chawl, Palwadi,Bhagat Singh Nagar,Room No 28 03 L M Patil Chawl,Janata Chawl John Dubing Chawl,Dharavi Cross Road, Sant Rohidas Marg,Sant

Kakaya Marg,Dharavi

GN 115 400028

Kesari Chawl,2 Pednekar Chawl Rajaram Wadi,2 23 Samarth Bhuvan Masekar Wadi,9 New Pragati Chawl, Room No 8 Mithwala Chawl, Bnew Bdd

Chawl 19 Rn,R No 22 Pathan Chawl, Room No-08 Hednear Vikram Jewellersvakar Wadi No-02, 247 Bhugude Wadi Rn 5, Flat 5 2Nd Floor While Holy

Chawl,Sai Niwas Shyam Wadi 1St Floor,Patil Maruti Mandir Wadi,Mienda Chawl,Mugde Wadi,Savitreebai Chawl,Sidhakar Wadi Chawkhi Chawl, Kawli

Chawl Dhirata Wadi,Shankar Kavde Chawl, Bigl Chawl,J K Sawant Marg, Bhavani Shankar Road,K G Marg, Gokhale Road, Ranade Road, Shankar

Ghanekar Marg, Bal Govindas Road, S K Bole Road, D S Babekar Marg, Harishchandra Manik, Kaka Saheb Gadgil Marg, Ln Road, V S Matakar Lane, Pt

Road, Dr Vaidya Road, Senapati Bapat Road, Ghar Wadi,Sayani Road,Lj Road,Upendra Nagar, Tulsi Pipe Road, Jawale More, Kudari Wadi,Thakurwadi,

Vijay Majrekar Lane Gokhale Rioad, Dadasaheb Phalke Road, 20 Mahatma Phule Marg Hindmata Cinema, Bhawani Shankar Road, D D Thakur

Wadi,Miramal Chawl,Behind Siddhivinayak Temple,Masjid Galli, Opp. Devi Nursing Home, Opp. Rma College, Yashvant Rao Natya Mandir, Dadar

Police Station, Opp. Maharashtra High School, Opp. Padmabai Thakar Road,Pposite Assalan School, Veer Savarkar Marg Dadar, Opp Ushanoil


GS 116 400013 Bdd N.M Joshi Marg,J.R Boricha Marg,,Lower Parel

GS 117 400018 Worli Bdd Chawl,G.M Bhosale Marg,,Worli

GS 118 400018 Worli Police Camp,Sir Pochkanwala Road,,Worli

GS 119 400018 Panchshil Bldg,,,Worli

GS 120 400025 Sai Sundar Nagar,Hasu Tandal Marg,,Prabhadevi

GS 121 400030 Worli Koliwada, And Janata Colony,Golphadevi Road & Hatiskar Marg,Worli Koliwada,Worli

HE 122 400051 Amrut Nagar, Government Colony, Razak Chawl,Bhinde Shop, Murlidhar Chawl, Shanti Bhavan Chs,Amrut Nagar,,Kherwadi,Bandra (E)

HE 123 400051 Seva Sangh, Shyam Sundar Chawl,,Sidhartha Nagar, Vijay Nagar,Bandra (E)

HE 124 400051 Hinga Galli, Madina Building, Ahmed Zakeria Nagar, Hajiki Chawl, Malan Galli, Enabuy Galli, Kolsewadi Galli, Haji Suleman Chawl, Lakdawaala

Galli,,Beharampada,Bandra (E)

HE 125 400051 Basera Society, Pathar Nagar, Islampura,Hardeva Chadaliya,,Bharat Nagar, Valmiki Nagar,Bandra (E)

HE 126 400051 Jai Ma Sharada Rahivasi Sevak,,Dnyaneshwar Nagar,Bandra (E)

HE 127 400055 Gajanan Rahivasi Sangh,Mahakali Shivshankar,Sai Kreeda Mandal,Kamlakar Patil Chwal,,Agripada,Santacruz (E)

HE 128 400055 Mosambi Tabela,Murgaon Chawl, Lasun Vali Church,Milind Nagar,Shubrmaniyam Nagar, Anushakti Chawl,,Gaondevi- D'Mello Compound,Santacruz


HE 129 400055 Gate No 1,Shri Ram Chawl Comette,Baburao Gupta Chawl,Gate No 2,Lok Seva Mitra Mandal,Gaiwala Chawl,Buddhavihar Chawl,Sonawane Chawl,

Gupta Chawl,,Hanuman Tekdi,Santacruz (E)

HE 130 400055 Doctor Chawl,Adarsh Lane,,,Dawari Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 131 400055 Milan Chawl,Abdul Rasul Tailor Chawl,Gomes Chawl,Sambhaji Seva Mandal,Gurubaksha Punjabi Chawl,Sanjivani Society,Nanku Singh Chawl,Manohar

Compound,Ram Raj Sharma Chawl,Pragati Chawl,Bori Chawl,Rambahdur Yadav Chawl,Ram Shankar Chawl,,,Golibar,Santacruz (E)

HE 132 400055 Sanmitra Mandal,New Sahkar, Prerna Mandal, New Chawl,Lokmanya Tilak Nagar,Amar Hindi Mandal, Vijay Nagar, Seva Sangh,,Patel Nagar, Maratha

Colony, Indra Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 133 400055 Dayaram Chawl, Jai Bharat Chawl,,Jayhind Nagar, Deepakwadi,Santacruz (E)

HE 134 400055 Parvez Chawl, Ghadiyal Chawl, Shri Ram Tailor Chawl,,Shastri Nagar, Kunchikurve Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 135 400055 Jamlipada,,Jamlipada,Santacruz (E)

HE 136 400055 43837,Yogiraj Ashram,Yashwant Nagar, Kadamwadi,Santacruz (E)

HE 137 400055 ,Subhash Nagar, Ahinsa Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 138 400055 ,Seva Nagar, Asha Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HW 139 400050 Slaughter House Compound,Maharashtra Road,Slaughter House Compound,Bandra (West)

HW 140 400050 Hotel Khane Khas Shop No 4,T P S 3 Junction Of 16Th 33Rd Road,Hotel Khane Khas Shop No 4,Bandra (West)

HW 141 400050 Rahul Nagar, Opp Lilavati Hospital, Kc Marg,Rahul Nagar, Opp Lilavati Hospital,Bandra (West)

HW 142 400052 Pali Pathar Near Ganpati Murti Maidan,Ambedkar Road,Pali Pathar Near Ganpati Murti Maidan,Khar (W)

HW 143 400052 Old Bmc Chawl, Opp R K Nagar, Hasnabad Lane,Old Bmc Chawl, Opp R K Nagar,Khar (W)

HW 144 400052 Subhash Bakery Compund 642, Haji Nizamudin Chawl,Old Khar,8Th Road,Subhash Bakery Compund 642, Haji Nizamudin Chawl,Old Khar,Khar (W)

HW 145 400054 Gazdharbandh,S B Patil Marg,Gazdharbandh,Santacruz (West)

HW 146 400054 B.M. Patel Chawl, Bhimwada,Khotwadi,S V Road,B.M. Patel Chawl, Bhimwada,Khotwadi,Santacruz (West)

KE 147 400047 Janta Seva Sangh, Mograpada, Indira Nagar,,Natwar Nagar,Natwar Nagar, Jogeshwari East

KE 148 400047 The Great Indira Nagar,Marol Pipeline,Sahar,Andheri East

KE 149 400047 Lelewadi,Marol Pipeline,Sahar,Andheri East

KE 150 400047 Sai Nagar,Marol Pipeline,Sahar,Andheri East

KE 151 400053 Saiwadi,,,Sambhaji,Andheri East

KE 152 400053 Gundavli Gaothan,,,Sambhaji,Andheri East.

KE 153 400053 Koldongri,,,Sambhaji,Andheri East

KE 154 400057 Mahatma Kabir Nagar,Sahar Road,Tarun Bharat,Chakala, Vile Parle East

KE 155 400057 Vitthalwadi,Bhagawati Wadi,,Dayaldas Road,,Vileparle ( E )

KE 156 400059 Hanuman Nagar, Pump House,,Natwar Nagar,Andheri East

KE 157 400059 Sariput Nagar,Jvlr Rd,Sundar Nagar Hp,Andheri East

KE 158 400059 Sagbaug,,Marol,Andheri East

KE 159 400059 Marol Pipeline North,,Marol,Andheri East

KE 160 400059 Bhandarwada Mapkhan,,Marol,Andheri East

KE 161 400059 Bamanpada Ganeshpada,Off. Marol Military Road,Marol,Andheri-East

KE 162 400060 Prem Nagar,,Squattars,Jogeshwari East

KE 163 400060 Meghwadi,,Squattars,Jogeshwari East

KE 164 400060 Harinagar,,Squattars,Jogeshwari East

KE 165 400060 Gandhinagar,,Squattars,Jogeshwari East

KE 166 400060 Franciswadi,,Natwar Nagar,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 167 400060 Majaswadi,,,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari East

KE 168 400060 Shiv Tekdi,,,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari East

KE 169 400060 Ramwadi,Pratpnagar,Pratapnagar,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari East.

KE 170 400060 Bandrekarwadi,,Natwar/Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari (E)

KE 171 400069 Ambewadi,R K Singh Marg,Natwar Nagar,Andheri East

KE 172 400093 Sai Darshan, Utkarsh Chs,Midc Central Road,Sarvoday Nagar,Andheri East

KE 173 400093 Andheri Chaya Building,,Sarvoday Nagar,Andheri East

KE 174 400093 Saraswati Chawl, Goni Nagar,,Sarvoday Nagar,Andheri East

KE 175 400093 Gautam Nagar,,Midc,Andheri East

KE 176 400093 Malpadongari,,,Midc,Andheri (E)

KE 177 400093 Subhash Nagar,,,Midc,Andheri East

KE 178 400093 Municipal Colony,,Mahakali Gumfa Road,,Sarvoday Nagar,Andheri East

KE 179 400093 Kondivita, Saibhagwan Nagar,,,Midc,,Andheri East

KE 180 400093 Tarun Bharat,,Chakala,,Tarun Bharat,Andheri East

KE 181 400093 Plot 60 Valmiki Nagar Bhim Nagar,Midc,Sra,Andheri East

KE 182 400099 Parsiwada+Kajuwadi,,Tarun Bharat,Chakala, Andheri East

KE 183 400099 Bamanwada, Ambedkar Nagar,Samrat Ashok Nagar, Ambewadi, Sanjay Gandhi Nagar,,Nehru Road,Andheri East

KE 184 400099 Shastri Nagar,,Nehru Road,Vile Parle East

KE 185 400099 Shanti Nagar,Sahargaon,Sahar,Andheri East

KE 186 400099 Nehru Nagar,Sahargaon,Sahar,Andheri East

KE 187 400099 Chimatpada,,Marol,Andheri East

KE 188 400099 Navpada,,Marol,Andheri East

KE 189 400099 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar,,Nehru Road,Vile Parle ( E)

KE 190 400099 Bamanwada Hills,Tarun Bharat,Mc Chagla Marg,Tarun Bharat,Vileparle East

KW 191 400049 Ganesh Gully,Vm Road,Nehru Nagar,Andheri W

KW 192 400049 Juhu Koliwada,Juhu Tara Road,Juhu Koliwada,Santacruz West

KW 193 400049 Narayan Sanghare Chawl,Mhatre Road,Ruia Park,Andheri West

KW 194 400049 Shivaji Nagar .01,K.K Ganguli Marg,Shivaji Nagar,Santa Cruz West

KW 195 400053 Siddharth Nagar,Svp Nagar Mhada,Siddharth Nagar,Andheri West

KW 196 400053 Niwate Chawl,Old Fisharies Road,J.P Wadi Seven Bunglow,Andheri West

KW 197 400053 Anna Nagar,Link Road,Anna Nagar,Andheri West

KW 198 400053 Amina House,J.P Road,Tape Dargha,Andheri West

KW 199 400056 Shastri Nagar,Irla Soc. Road,Shastri Nagar Irla,Ville Parle West

KW 200 400056 Charli Misqutta Chawl,St.Fransis Road,Vile Parle Gaonthan,Vile Parle West

KW 201 400056 Criyado Chawl,Dadabhai Navroji Road No.1,Tape Village,Andheri West

KW 202 400056 Misqutta Compund,Baji Prabhu Road,Pond Goanthan Old Police Lane,Vile Parle West

KW 203 400058 Mehtab Baba Chawl,Dhangar Wadi,Gilbert Hill,Andheri West

KW 204 400058 Bhima Rathod Chawl,Cama Road,Gaondevi Dongri,Andheri West

KW 205 400058 Ashok Cottage,Juhu Lane,Juhu Galli,Andheri West

KW 206 400058 Pirubhai Chawl,Ceasar Road,Amboli,Andheri West

KW 207 400058 Indira Nagar No.01,Kanchi Bai Desai Road,Indira Nagar,Vile Parle West

KW 208 400058 Narayan Sanghare Chawl,Mhatarpada Road,Mhatarpada,Andheri West

KW 209 400058 Pandu Mistri Chawl,Veera Desai Road,Sarotapada,Andheri West

KW 210 400058 Pawar Chawl,V.L Sawant Road,Dhakuseth Pada,Andheri West

KW 211 400058 Aloowadi,S.V Road,Hanuman Nagar,Andheri West

KW 212 400061 Ramdev Naik Chawl,Yari Road,Versova Village,Andheri West

KW 213 400061 Sagar Kutir Seva Sangh,J . P Road,Sagar Kutir,Andheri W

KW 214 400061 Ghanekar Compund,Yari Road,Swapnil Nagar,Andheri West

KW 215 400102 Bmc Colony Sector 2,New Link Road,Anand Nagar,Jogeshwari West

KW 216 400102 Kismat Nagar,New Link Road,Behraum Baug,Jogeshwari West

KW 217 400102 Ram Janak Singh Chawl,Relif Road,Gulshan Nagar,Jogeshwari W

KW 218 400102 Ram Dulhar Chawl,Sahakar Road,Yadav Nagar,Jogeshwari West

KW 219 400102 Paulineerbai Chawl,S V Road,Kranti Nagar,Jogeshwari West

KW 220 400102 Punai Mukadam Chawl,Bandivali Hil Road,Bandivali Hill,Jogeshwari W

KW 221 400102 Ramkarn Chawl,Seva Nagar,Seva Nagar,Jogeshwari West

KW 222 400102 Girija Niwas,Captain Sawant Marg,Shastri Nagar Oshiwara,Jogeshwari West

L 223 400022 Madhu Swapna Chawl, Mohan Nagar,Hill Road,Near Muktadevi Mandir,Chunabhatti

L 224 400022 Kalakunj So.,Swadeshi Mill Road,Panchsheel Ngr,Chunabhatti,Mumbai 22

L 225 400022 Rangari Chwal No-7,Swadeshi Mill Road,Kasaiwada,Chunabhatti,Mumbai

L 226 400024 Navjeevan Rahiwashi Sangh,S.G.Barve Marg,Opp. Kamgar Nagar,Kurla (E) Mumbai

L 227 400024 ,Nehru Nagar,Opp.Jagruti Nagar,Kurla E

L 228 400024 Priyadarshni,,Chunabhatti,Chunabhatti

L 229 400024 Swadeshi Mill Chawl,,Buddha Vihar,Milind Nagar,Chunabhatti

L 230 400070 Sunder Baug,Sundar Baug Lane,Near Sai Baba Mandir,Kurla West, Mumbai

L 231 400070 Jaguwani Chawl,Masrani Lane,Halav Pool,Kurla West, Mumbai

L 232 400070 Kapadia Nagar,Cst Rd,Near Workshop,Kurla West

L 233 400070 Pujari Chawl, Baudha Parnkuti,Pipeline Road,Kajupada,Kurla

L 234 400070 Habibullah Chawl, Behind Gulshan Hotel,Lbs Road,,Kurla

L 235 400070 Achanak Mitra Mandal, Sandesh Nagar,Kurla Andheri Road,Behind Budh Vlhar,Kurla (W)

L 236 400070 Sandesh Nagar,Kurla Andheri Road,,Kurla (W)

L 237 400070 Gurudatta Navjivan Society,L.B.S Road,Near Sheetal Talav,Kurla West

L 238 400070 Bhagubai Chawl,Kale Marg,,Kurla Mumbai

L 239 400070 Wadia Estate,,L.B.S.Marg,Near Abhyudaya Bank,Kurla West

L 240 400070 Damodar Pandey Chawl,New Mill Road,Opp. Pandey Store,Kurla West Mumbai

L 241 400070 Takiya Ward,Saweshwar Mandir Marg,Patange Road,Kurla West

L 242 400070 Sahajivan Society,Kurla Andheri Road,Near Shingrewadi Vachnalaya,Kurla W

L 243 400070 Morarji Terrace, Near Chhadwa Nagar,Match Factory Lane,,B/3,,Kurla W

L 244 400070 Durga Bhavan, Krishna Nagar,,90 Feet Road,,Near Dubey House, Safed Pool, Pipeline, Saki Naka,Kurla W

L 245 400070 Gali No.16,,Milind Nagar,Kurla W

L 246 400070 Dipu Thorat Chawl,Sonapur Lane,Bailbazar,In Front Of City Hospital

L 247 400070 Din Mohammad Chawl,New Mill Road,Sambhaji Chowk,Kurla W

L 248 400070 Usman Gani Chawl,,Takiya Wad,Kurla W

L 249 400070 Chawl No.1,N M Road,,Ramdas Chowk

L 250 400072 Jaibunnisa Chawl, Rajiv Nagar,Kurla Andheri Road,Near Shivprabha Building,Sakinaka, Mumbai

L 251 400072 Ganaya Chawl, Shanti Nagar,Kurla Andheri Road,Safed Phool, Near Zarimari Metro,Sakinaka

L 252 400072 Vijay Mansion, Pareawadi,Gulzar Gulli,Opp Thersa High School,,Mohili Village,Mum

L 253 400072 Jai Bhavani Rahivashi Sangh, Shivanji Nagar,Kurla Andheri Road,Safed Pool,Saki Naka

L 254 400072 Paras Chawl, Yadav Nagar,Khairani Road,Sakinaka,Kurla West

L 255 400072 Near Ganesh Maidan,Kajupada Pipe Line Road,Near Ganesh Maidan,Kurla West 72

L 256 400072 Jainuddin Chawl,Cst Road,Buddha Colony, Near Hanuman Mandir,Kurla West

L 257 400072 Ram Niwas Chawl,Pipeline Road,Mohilli Village, Near Chhajed Hospital,Sakinaka

L 258 400072 Siddharth Chwal,,Kajupada Pipe Line,Kurla West

L 259 400072 Baban Yadav Chawl,Sunder Baugh Lane,,Kurla West

L 260 400072 Shanti Smriti Chs,Sakivihar Road,,L&T Gate No.7 Powai

L 261 400072 Rajunagar Chawl,,Sakinaka,Near Hanuman Mandir,Sakinaka

L 262 400072 Sai Darshan,,Tilak Nagar,Sakinaka,Kurla W

L 263 400072 Dongre Chawl,Pipeline,Mohili Village,Kurla W

L 264 400072 Jai Bajrang Bali General Store,Bhim Nagar,Laxmi Narayan Mandir Road,Mohili Village,Near Anjali Medical,Ghatkopar W

L 265 400072 Vighnaharta Society,90 Feet Road,Lbs Nagar,Sakinaka

L 266 400072 Samata Compound,,Safed Pul,Near Shiv Mandir,Sakinaka

L 267 400072 Muneer Hasan Chawl,Kurla Andheri Road,Jarimari,Kurla W

L 268 400072 Hussan Chawl,,Tunga Gaon,Near Dayanand Chawl

L 269 400072 Uday Nagar Rahivasi Society,,Sakinaka,Opp.State Bank Of India

L 270 400072 Arunuday Chawl,,Tunga Village,Opp.Valmiki Mandir,Chaityawadi,Powai

L 271 400072 Shri Krishna Chs,,Satyanagar,Sakinaka

L 272 400072 Gupta Chawl,,Bharat Nagar,Near Ramesh General Store,Chandivali,Near Shiv Dhattani Complex

L 273 400072 Usman Sheth Chawl,Khairani Road,Sakinaka,Near Durga Mandir,Opp.St.Anthony Church

L 274 400072 Shramparihar Society,,Asalfa Village,Ghatkopar W

L 275 400084 Swami Chawl,,,Asalfa Village,Asalfa, Subhash Nagar,Ghatkopar West Mumbai

L 276 400084 Govind Nagar Chawl,,Asalfa Village,Opp.Himalaya Society,Kurla W

L 277 400084 Sai Baba Society,,Asalfa Village,Shivaji Nagar,Ghatkopar W

L 278 400084 Behind Gokuldham Society,,Asalfa Village,Ghatkopar W

L 279 400084 Saalik Singh Chawl,Pipeline Road,Asalfa Village,Ghatkopar W

L 280 400084 Rohini Chawl Committee,Para Kadam Marg,Ambedkar Nagar,Ghatkopar W

L 281 400086 Kamalkunj Chs,Andheri Ghatkopar Link Road,Asalfa Village,Ghatkopar

L 282 400086 Jai Maharashtra Chawl,Sane Guruji Nagar,N.S.S Road,Asalfa Village,Ghatkpoar West

L 283 400086 Gurunanak Nagar,,Lbs Marg,Asalfa Village,Ghatkopar W

ME 284 400043 Sanjay Gandi Nagar,Noorani Masjid,Ghatkpoar Mankhurd Link Road,,Devnar

ME 285 400043 Kamalabai,Near Hakkani Masjid,Near Hanuman Mandir,Baiganwadi

ME 286 400043 Indira Nagar,Padma Nagar,Rd No 14,15,Baiganwadi

ME 287 400043 Sanjay Nagar,New Depot Nirankari Nallah Sanjay Nagar,,,Shivaji Nagar

ME 288 400043 Rd No 5,4,Shivaji Nagar,Near Vikas School,Shivaji Nagar

ME 289 400043 Janmangal,Rd No 9,8,Sai Baba Mandir,Baiganwadi

ME 290 400043 Valmiki Rahivashi Seva Sangh,Near Valimiki Temle,Ambedkar Nagar Service Rd,Valmiki Rahivashi Sang,Mankhurd

ME 291 400043 Sitaram Chawl,Shivdarshan Chawl,Near Saibaba Mandir,Lok Shahir Annabhau Sathe Nagar,Sathe Nagar,Mankhurd

ME 292 400043 Lotus Colony,Abdul Hamid Marg,Lotus Colony,Shivaji Nagar

ME 293 400043 Gayakwad Nagar,Chawl No 9 16 10 6,P Y Thorat Marg,Nimonibaug,Govandi

ME 294 400043 Panchaseel Chawl,Bhimjyot Chawl,Bansode Marg,Nimonibaug,Govandi

ME 295 400043 B Sec,E1,Hm,Hq,E2 Line,S V Hamid Marg,B Sec,Cheetacamp

ME 296 400043 Shiv Prerena Chawl,Jyotirling Chawl,Maharashtra Nagar Road,Shiv Prerna,Mankhurd

ME 297 400043 Shiv Navlai Chawl,Maharshtra Nagar,Shivaji Maidan,Maharashtra Nagar,Mankhurd

ME 298 400043 Deonar Municipal Colony,Sakarm Patil Marg,Municipal Colony,Deonar

ME 299 400043 Karbala Chawl,Near Noori Masjid,Mandala,Mankhurd

ME 300 400043 Behind Patil Wadi Deonar Govandi,,,Mankhurd

ME 301 400043 Kashibai Niwas, Borla Gao, Govandi East,,,Mankhurd

ME 302 400071 Sundar Baug Chawl,Shah And Anchor College,Mahavir Education Ground,,Chembur

ME 303 400074 Ashok Nagar,Near Maruti Mandir,Vashi Naka,Vashi Naka,Chembur

ME 304 400074 Gavanpada,Mhatre House,Bd Patil Marg,Gawanpada,Chembur

ME 305 400074 Rahul Nagar,Aurangabad Chawl,Buddha Vihar,Rahul Nagar,Chembur

ME 306 400074 Azad Nagar,Ayodyanagar,Aziz Baug Road,Azad Nagar,Chembur

ME 307 400088 F Line,School Road,K Sector Cheetacamp,Mankhurd

ME 308 400088 Nagesh Kamble Chawl, Datta Mandir,Agawadi Road,Agarwadi,Mankhurd

ME 309 400088 Aryan Gawand Estate,St Round Deonar Village,Rd No 4,Deonar Village,Mankhurd

ME 310 400088 Bharat Nagar,Valmiki Madir,Sion Panvel Road,Mankhurd Stn,Mankhurd

ME 311 400088 Mohite Patil Nagar,Gmlrroad,,Mankhurd

MW 312 400071 R C Barrack,Inlaks Hospital,Near Lal Mithi Garden,Indira Nagar, Old Chembur Camp, Old Barrack, Shivshakti Nagar, Collector Colony,Samrat Ashok, C G

Marg, R C Marg, Collector Colony,,Chembur Camp,Chembur

MW 313 400071 Lal Dongar, Subedar Ambedkar, Hindu Soc., Near Bmc School, Dr. Ambedkar Chawl, Samarth Nagar,Near Sion Trombay Road,Suman Nagar, Lal


MW 314 400071 Shiddhart Colony, Shidhodhan Nagar, Ganesh Nagar,,Near Chemburnaka,Chembur

MW 315 400071 Mumbadevi,Ahilyabai Holkar Ghatla Municipal Colony, Shramik Kamgar, Sambhaji Nagar -1,Khardeo Nagar,. 1 To 9 Anand Nagar,N G Acharya Marg,

Govandi Road,Ghatla,Chembur

MW 316 400071 Mahadev Patil, Harikishan Sadan, Kamla Kishan Patil, M.S. Patil Wadi, Arvind Patil Wadi, Nagesh Patil Wadi, Khardeo Nagar,Ghatla Village,Khardeo

Nagar Marg,Ghatla,Chembur

MW 317 400074 Islampura, Laxmi Nagar,Mukund Nagar, Vashi Naka, Mahul Road Near Railway Track, Mahul & H P Nagar Mysore Colony & S V Patel Nagar, Vashi Naka

& Shivshakti Nagar, R.C.Marg,Vashinaka, Mahul,Chembur

MW 318 400089 Mahatma Phule Nagar, Barve Chawl, Ramabai Colony,Satyam Galli,Vajir Baba Chawl,Raul Galli,, Navchintan Buddh Vihar, New Panjabi Chawl,Jagtap

Chawl, Sathe Galli,Malekarwadi,Chawl 0 To 10 Janta Nagar,V K Krishnan Menon Nagar,Bmc Quarters,,P L Lokhande Marg,Chembur

N 319 400075 Savitribai Phule Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar, Gurunanak Nagar. Naidu Colony,Pant Nagar,Ghatkopar East

N 320 400075 ,Suprabhat Chawl Ramabai Nagar (Rest Of Kamraj Nagar & Ramabai Nagar,Ghatkopar (E)

N 321 400077 Chawl No 105,,Chawl No 105, Ramabai Nagar,Ghatkopar (E)

N 322 400079 Vikhroli Park Site, Varsha Nagar,Adinath Society, Hanuman Nagar, Vps ( Rest Of Vikhroli Park Site, Varsha Nagar Released On 21-08-2020),Vikhroli (W)

N 323 400079 ,Satyasheel Society ( Rest Of Varsha Nagar Road Cz Released On 21.08.2020),Vikhroli (W)

N 324 400079 Vikhroli Park Site, Varsha Nagar,Ganesh Society Vps,Vikhroli (W)

N 325 400086 Indira Nagar, Altaf Nagar,Kamalakant Pande Chawl, Gavdevi Road (Rest Of Gavdevi Road, Sainath Nagar Road Cz Released On 21-08-2020),Ghatkop[Ar


N 326 400086 ,Mohan Nagar, Rajwadi, Vidyavihar East, Vidyavuhar (E)

N 327 400086 ,Barvenagar, Jain Marwadi Chawl,Ghatkopar (W)

N 328 400086 ,Nityanand Nagar, Gautam Nagar,Ghatkopar (W)

N 329 400086 ,Barve Nagar, Ramji Nagar, Bhatwadi,Ghatkopar (W)

N 330 400086 ,Rajawadi Pipeline,Vidyavihar (E)

N 331 400086 Azad Nagar, Chirag Nagar, Parshiwadi,Munji Chawl, Near Ganesh Maidan, Parshiwadi ( Rest Of Azad Nagar, Chirag Nagar, Parshiwadi Released On 21-

08-2020),Ghatkopar (W)

PN 332 400063 Santosh Nagar,Dindoshi,,Goregaon East

PN 333 400064 Valnai Colony,Near Link Road,,Malad West

PN 334 400064 Kanchpada No 1,Ramchandra Lane,,Malad West

PN 335 400064 Somwar Bazar,,,Malad West

PN 336 400064 Bhadran Nagar,S V Road,,Malad West

PN 337 400095 Old Collector Compound,Malvani,,Malad West

PN 338 400095 New Collector Compound,Malvani,,Malad West

PN 339 400095 Aksa Village,Madh Marve Road,,Malad West

PN 340 400095 Malwani Church,Near Shriram Mandir,,Malad West

PN 341 400095 Bmc Colony Gate No 5,Malwani,,Malad West

PN 342 400095 Daruwala Compound,S V Road,,Malad West

PN 343 400095 Ambujwadi,,,Malad West

PN 344 400095 Rathodi / Kharodi,,,Malad West

PN 345 400095 Madh,,,Malad West

PN 346 400095 Mhb Colony,,,Malad West

PN 347 400097 Makrani Pada,Rani Sati Marg,,Malad East

PN 348 400097 Kranti Nagar,Kurar,,Malad East

PN 349 400097 Indira Nagar,Rani Sati Marg,,Malad East

PN 350 400097 Pathanwadi,,,Malad East

PN 351 400097 Kokni Pada - Shivaji Nagar,Kurar,,Malad East

PN 352 400097 Tanaji Nagar,Dhobighat Kurar,,Malad East

PN 353 400097 Pushpa Park,,,Malad East

PN 354 400097 Khadakpada,,,Malad East

PN 355 400097 Pimpripada,,,Malad East

PN 356 400101 Apppa Pada,,,Kandivali East

PS 357 400062 Prem Nagar,Vishwkarma Road,Prem Nagar,Goregaon West

PS 358 400062 Chincholi,John Koriya Chawl,Gaothan,Goregaon West

PS 359 400063 Room No. 3, Lakhau Letha Chawl,Ram Mandir Road,Ramnagar, Bandrekarwadi,Jogeshwari East

PS 360 400063 D-34,Cama Industrial Estate,Walbhat Road,Goregaon East

PS 361 400063 Room No.10,Harishankar Mishra Chawl,Gogtewadi,Goregaon East

PS 362 400063 Amin Compound Chawl,,Sonawala Cross Road No. 2,,Goregaon East

PS 363 400063 3 17 Shanta Rathod Niwas,,Vijay Niwas,Virvani Ind Estate,Goregaon East

PS 364 400063 Room No 01,Dube Chwal,Aarey Road,Goregaon East

PS 365 400063 Rno 10,Samantwadi,Sonawala Road,Goregaon East

PS 366 400063 Room No 12,Ganesh Market Ganesh Chwal,Near Sanmitra School,Goregaon East

PS 367 400064 Shankar Nagar, Vasari Hill,Near Rustomji Tower,Vasari Hill,Goregaon West

PS 368 400065 Unit No. 22,Aarey Milk Colony,Unit No. 22,Goregaon East

PS 369 400065 Unit No.30,Aarey Colony,Unit No.30,Goregaon East

PS 370 400065 Kirti Nagar,Aarey Colony,Near Modren Bakery,Goregaon East

PS 371 400065 Unit No. 29,Aarey Colony,Krishna Nagar,Goregaon East

PS 372 400065 Unit No. 7,Aarey Milk Colony,Shivshakti Nagar,Goregaon East

PS 373 400065 Unit No. 13,Balaji Nagar,Aarey Milk Colony,Goregaon East

PS 374 400065 Unit No. 32,Aarey Milk Colony,Near Chota Kashmir,Goregaon East

PS 375 400065 Unit No. 031,Aarey Road,Opposite Indira Gandhi Research Centre Aarey Milk Colony,Goregoan East

PS 376 400097 Gokuldham, Classic Hotel,Gokul Dham,Arunkumar Vaidya Marg,Kanyapada,Malad East

PS 377 400097 2 20,Phatak Chwal,Near Iraniwadi,Malad East

PS 378 400104 Bhagat Singh Nagar No. 1,Link Road,Bhagat Singh Nagar No. 1,Goregaon West

PS 379 400104 Bhagat Singh Nagar No. 2, Tambe Gully,Link Road,Bhagat Singh Nagar No. 2,Goregaon West

PS 380 400104 Gandhi Chawl, Behind Ganesh Mandir, Gandhi Chawl,S.V Road,Near Nala,Goregaon West

RC 381 400066 Raidongri,Raidongri,Weh,Borivali East

RC 382 400066 Kajupada,Rikshaw Stand Road,Ganesh Cowk,Borivali East

RC 383 400066 Jai Jawan,Fci Godown Rd,Nr Masjid,Borivali East

RC 384 400066 Dadasaheb Chawl,Dattapada Rd,Rupwate Nagar,Borivali East

RC 385 400066 Daulat Nagar,S V Road,Neharu Nagar,Borivali East

RC 386 400092 Patil House,Eksar Rd,Talepakhadi,Borivali West

RC 387 400092 Saiprasad Chawl,Shimpoli Road,Atal Smruti Uddyan,Borivali West

RC 388 400092 Ratnabai Chawl,Borsapada Road,Op. Borsapada Ho,Borivali West

RC 389 400092 Ek Dongri Chawl,Eksar Road,Gandhi Nagar,Borivali West

RC 390 400092 New Adarsh Society,Gorai Road,Bhim Nagar,Borivali West

RN 391 400068 Bhagu Bhika Chawl, Ovaripada ( Ambawadi And Rajesh Compound Released On 19.08.2020),Dn Dubey Rd,Ambawadi, Rajesh Compound,

Ovaripada,Dahisar East

RN 392 400068 Topiwala Chawl,,Santosh Nagar, Ganesh Nagar, Saibaba Mandir, Rawalpada, Near Moreshwar School, Ashokvan, Dahisar East,Dahisar East

RN 393 400068 Gharatan Pada No-1 & 2,Service Road,Ghartanpada 1, Ghartanpada 2, Rawalpada, Dahisar East,Dahisar East

RN 394 400068 Dattakrupa Society,,Dnyaneshwar Nagar,Dahisar East

RN 395 400068 Ashtavinayak Soc,,Near Ganesh Mandir, Kandarpada,Dahisar West

RN 396 400068 D Silva Wadi,,Behind Yogeshwaer Bcdg,Dahisar West

RN 397 400068 Ajinkya Nagar,,Kokanipada,Dahisar East

RN 398 400068 Gaondevi Nagar Seva Sangh Chawl,Sant Karir Marg S N Road,,Dahisar East

RN 399 400068 Harilal Yadav Chawl,S V Rd,Ambawadi,Dahisar East

RN 400 400068 Rampati Vishwkarma Chalw,,Nr Railway Phatak,Dahisar East

RN 401 400068 Patilwadi,Rangnath Kesarroad,Gujrathischool,Dahisar East

RN 402 400068 Laxman Rathod Chawl,S N Dube Road,Near Shani Mandir,Dahisar East

RN 403 400068 Shree Pat Chawl,Deep Naryan Dube Road,Near St Xeviers School Ambewadi,Dahisar East

RN 404 400068 Pusekar Chawl,New Link Road,Veer Sambhaji Nagar Anand Nagar Opp St Marry High School,Dahisar West

RN 405 400068 Sukribai Chawl,,,Dahisar East

RN 406 400068 Havattar Chawl,S P Rd,Dhakhadi,Dahisar East

RN 407 400068 Sai Bajrang Chawl,C S Road No 3,,Dahisar East

RN 408 400068 Aavah Vidyalay School,,Gas Godown,Dahisar East

RN 409 400068 Jaikar Chawl,,Yadav Nagar Chunabhatti,Dahisar East

RN 410 400068 Govind Panchal Chawl,,Overy Pada,Dahisar East

RN 411 400068 Bhanudas Mhatre Chawl,,,Dahisar East

RN 412 400068 Surendra Niwas,Sant Kabir Marg,Rawalpada,Dahisar East

RN 413 400068 Luzia House,S N Dube Road,297 Last Stop,Dahisar East

RN 414 400068 Trimurti Welfare Society Hariscandrakeni Chal,Sant Kabir Marg,Rawalpada,Dahisar East

RN 415 400068 Krishna Kunj, Randhira Pawaskar Road,Kanchan General Store,Dahisar West

RN 416 400068 Jai Bhavani Chawl,,Kokanipada,Dahisar East

RN 417 400068 Amarnath Pauly Chawl,, S V Road,Bhavani Chowk Ambavadi,Dahisar East

RN 418 400068 Sainath Nagar No 2,,Ambawadi,Dahisar East

RN 419 400068 Laxmi Nagar Krishna Kumar Chawl,Ketkipada Road,Behind Diamond Industries,Dahisar East

RN 420 400068 Ambika Society,S N Dubey Road,Rawalpada Above Raju Jewellers,Dahisar East

RN 421 400068 Shree Samanth Rahiwasi Seva Sang,Kabir Marg,,Dahisar East

RN 422 400068 Ruhija Chawl,,Koknipada, Near Star Bakery,Dahisar East

RN 423 400068 Rane Chwal,Bhikaji Lad Road,Jain Temple,Dahisar West

RN 424 400068 Ram Chandra Chawal No-02,Sant Mirabai Marg,Gajanan Nagar,Dahisar East

RN 425 400068 Laxman Jetha Chwal,,,Dahisar West

RN 426 400068 Shivam Chwal,D N Road,Ambhavadi,Dahisar East

RN 427 400068 Eshwan Bhai Chawl,Shree Vallabh Road,,Dahisar East

RN 428 400068 Laxmi Nagar,Suhasini Pawaskar Marg,Near Sheetal Hotel,Dahisar East

RN 429 400068 Ambewadi Shivsena Office,,,Dahisar East

RN 430 400068 Girijabai Chawl,Suhasini Pawaskar Road,Opp Narendra Complex Vaishali Nagar,Dahisar East

RN 431 400068 Sahkar Niwas,,,Dahisar East

RN 432 400068 R P Tiwari Chwal,,Ganesh Ngr,Dahisar East

RN 433 400103 Dahisar Gavthan,R.P. Road, Shivsena Shakha,Dahisar West

RN 434 400103 Ganapat Patil Nagar,New Link Road,I C Colony,Dahisar West

RN 435 400103 Sai Kripa Chawl,L.M. Road,Maskarnswada, Lbs Nagar, Michael Wadi, Bhaskar Chawl, Balkrishna Chawl, Kandarpada, Durga Chawl, Lm Road,Dahisar


RN 436 400103 Shivaji Nagar,L M Road,Opp Saibaba Temple,Borivali West

RN 437 400103 Kanchan Niwas,Shiv Vallabh Road,Kanchwala Compound Hanuman Tekdi Kajupada,Borivli East

RN 438 400103 Shivaji Nagar,Laxman Mhatre Road,Opp Manadeshwar,Borivali West

RN 439 400103 Medona Colony,Svp Road,,Borivali West

RS 440 400067 ,Laljipada / Gandhi Nagar,Kandivali West

RS 441 400067 ,Laljipada / Ekta Nagar,Kandivali West

RS 442 400067 ,Laljipada,Kandivali West

RS 443 400067 ,Abhilakh Nagar / Iraniwadi Road No.4,Kandivali West

RS 444 400067 ,Sai Nagar Kandivali West,Kandivali West

RS 445 400067 ,Islam Compound, Kd Comnpound, Mg Rd North Boundary,Kandivali West

RS 446 400067 ,Bunderpakahadi North Zone,Kandivali West

RS 447 400067 ,Shravan Nagar & Adarsh Nagar, Mhada Ekta,Kandivali West

RS 448 400067 ,Babrekar Nagar,Kandivali West

RS 449 400067 ,Kandivali Goathan Vadarpada,Kandivali West

RS 450 400101 ,B) Bhim Nagar, 12 Nal, Satara Camp, Gandhi Nagar, Nalanda Budhvihar,Kandivali East

RS 451 400101 ,C) Mahindra Compound, Damu Nagar,Kandivali East

RS 452 400101 ,H) Narshipada / Janupada,Kandivali East

RS 453 400101 ,Adarsh Nagar, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 454 400101 ,Ram Nagar, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 455 400101 ,Bhajiwadi, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 456 400101 ,Apna Nagar, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 457 400101 ,Bandongri,Kandivali East

RS 458 400101 ,Anna Nagar, M.D.Road,Kandivali East

RS 459 400101 ,Vaibhav Nagar,Kandivali East

RS 460 400101 ,Kaju Pada, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 461 400101 ,Hanuman Nagar / Vadarpada Road No. 2,Kandivali East

S 462 400042 ,Bhandup Gaon,Bhadup (E)

S 463 400042 ,Ramngr,Kanjurmarg (E)

S 464 400042 ,Ashok Ngr,Kanjurmarg (E)

S 465 400042 ,Kanjur Village,Kanjurmarg (E)

S 466 400076 ,Phule Nagar,Powai

S 467 400076 ,Gautam Ngr,Powai

S 468 400076 ,Gokhale Ngr, Chaitanya Ngr,Powai

S 469 400076 ,Tirandaj Village,Powai

S 470 400076 ,Morarji Compound,Powai

S 471 400076 ,Panchkutir,Powai

S 472 400078 ,Khindipada,Bhandup (W)

S 473 400078 ,Ramanagar Tanaji Wadi,Bhandup (W)

S 474 400078 ,Waghoba Wadi,Bhandup (W)

S 475 400078 ,Tulshetpada,Bhandup (W)

S 476 400078 ,Shashtri Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 477 400078 ,Sonapur,Bhandup (W)

S 478 400078 ,Ceat Tire Road,Bhandup (W)

S 479 400078 ,Pratap Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 480 400078 ,Kamble Compound,Bhandup (W)

S 481 400078 ,Jokhim Compound,Bhandup (W)

S 482 400078 ,Munshi Mahal,Bhandup (W)

S 483 400078 ,Maroda Hill,Bhandup (W)

S 484 400078 ,Lokmanya Ngr, Sarvoday Ngr,Bhandup (W)

S 485 400078 ,Tembhidada,Bhandup (W)

S 486 400078 ,Patkar Compound,Bhandup (W)

S 487 400078 ,Sai Hill,Bhandup (W)

S 488 400078 ,Ganesh Ngr,Bhandup (W)

S 489 400078 ,Utkarsh Ngr 114,Bhandup (W)

S 490 400078 ,Shivaji Ngr,Bhandup (W)

S 491 400078 ,Kaju Tekadi,Bhandup (W)

S 492 400078 ,Kokan Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 493 400078 ,Utakarsh Nagar 115,Bhandup (W)

S 494 400078 ,Jamil Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 495 400078 ,Ramabai,Bhandup (W)

S 496 400078 ,Buddhanagar,Bhandup (W)

S 497 400078 ,Jangal Mangal Road,Bhandup (W)

S 498 400078 ,Bhattipada,Bhandup (W)

S 499 400078 ,Gaondevi,Bhandup (W)

S 500 400078 ,Hanuman Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 501 400078 ,Gulati Chawl,Bhandup (W)

S 502 400078 ,Draksh Baug,Bhandup (W)

S 503 400078 ,Padwal Compound,Bhandup (W)

S 504 400078 ,Rajdeep Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 505 400078 ,Janata Market,Bhandup (W)

S 506 400078 ,Samarth Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 507 400078 ,Nardas Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 508 400078 ,Lake Road,Bhandup (W)

S 509 400078 ,Damaji Nancy Wadi

,Bhandup (W)

S 510 400083 ,Tagore Nagar, Group No.6&7,Vikhroli (E)

S 511 400083 ,Tagorenegar Group No 8/ No. 3,Vikhroli (E)

S 512 400083 ,Ambedkar Nagar/ Utkarshnagar,Vikhroli (E)

S 513 400083 ,Group No. 3, Majid,Vikhroli (E)

S 514 400083 ,Hariyali Village,Vikhroli

S 515 400083 ,Group No.5, Vikroli,Vikhroli (E)

S 516 400083 ,Station Road,Vikhroli (W)

S 517 400083 ,Panchasheel Chawl, Surya Nagar,Vikhroli (W)

S 518 400083 ,Ambewadi,Vikhroli (W)

S 519 400083 ,Uday Nagar,Vikhroli (W)

S 520 400083 ,Ambedkar Chowk,Vikhroli (W)

S 521 400087 ,Hanuman Galli,Kanjurmarg (E)

S 522 400087 ,Paspoli,Powai

S 523 400087 ,Filter Pada,Powai

T 524 400080 Amar Nagar, Pawar Chawal, Darga Road,,,Mulund West

T 525 400080 Ramgad, Gosala Road,,,Mulund West

T 526 400080 New Rahul Nagar Mulund Colony,,,Mulund West

T 527 400080 Ashok Nagar Opp Hanuman Mandir, Ashok Nagar, S.N. Road,,,Mulund West

T 528 400080 Babu Jagjivan Ram Nagar Dumping Road,,,Mulund West

T 529 400080 Indira Colony Vaishali Nagar,,,Mulund West

T 530 400080 Vaishali Society, Gautam Nagar,,,Mulund West

T 531 400080 Vishvashanti Sahakar Nagar,Opp. Shanti Industrial Eastae S N Road,,,Mulund West

T 532 400080 Hindushtan Chowk Hanuman Pada, Mulund Colony,,,Mulund West

T 533 400080 Model 1 Town Br Road Pipeline Nagsen Nagar,,,Mulund West

T 534 400080 Near Datta Mandir Pk Road Keshav Pada,,,Mulund West

T 535 400080 Ganesh Pada Vaishali Nagar B R Road,,,Mulund West

T 536 400080 Narayan Yadav Chawl Ghatipada B R Road,,,Mulund West

T 537 400080 Amrapali Society Gautam Nagar,,,Mulund West

T 538 400080 Saraswati Chawl, Botha Pada,,,Mulund West

T 539 400080 Megha Sheth Chawl D G Road,,,Mulund West

T 540 400080 Mule Chawl Nahur Road,,,Mulund West

T 541 400080 Mahamaya Pawan Ganesh Gawde Road,,,Mulund West

T 542 400080 Shivsagar Chawl Nahur Gaon,,,Mulund West

T 543 400080 Bhanushali Chwal S N Road,,,Mulund West

T 544 400080 Zaver Bhai Ramji Chwal Mg Road,,,Mulund West

T 545 400080 Bhimwadi Dumping Road,,,Mulund West

T 546 400080 Patil Chawl Nahur Gaon,,,Mulund West

T 547 400081 Azad Nagar,,,Mulund East

T 548 400081 Salve Wadi Mitthagar Road,,,Mulund East

T 549 400081 Anand Nagar New Pmgp Mhada Colony,,,Mulund East

T 550 400081 Patil House Nane Pada Mulund E,,,Mulund East

T 551 400081 Uttar Bhartiy Chawl Gawanpada 90 Feet Road,,,Mulund East

T 552 400081 Jaihind Colony Nanepad,,,Mulund East

T 553 400081 Ramabai Chawl Mhada Colony,,,Mulund East

T 554 400081 Damodar Bhoir House Gawanpada,,,Mulund East

T 555 400081 Koli House Navghar,,,Mulund East

T 556 400081 Vitthal Niwas Bavachi Cgawl,,,Mulund East

T 557 400081 Datttaray Damodar Vaity House Navghara,,,Mulund East

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