Despite Bombay High Court’s order, illegal banners still find their way

Of almost 9,634 banners in Mumbai, 5,621 belong to the political parties


Even after Bombay High Court’s order to remove banners and hoardings from public roads and places, the same is not being implemented. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has removed 9,634 banners from January to November this year. 

The banners pulled down by the civic body includes political posters and hoardings. Of the 9,634 banners, 5,621 belong to political parties. BMC has registered 575 FIRs against those who put up illegal banners while registering a complaint with the police against 2,083 people.

Political parties and its leaders generate pressure on the BMC while it tries to pull down the illegal banners and hoardings. Bombay HC has directed the police that when the BMC officials are removing the banners they should be provided with two armed constables for security. 

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Earlier in 2013, Bombay HC heard a petition and banned illegal hoardings, banners, and posters across Maharashtra. In Mumbai, the civic body needs to ensure the implementation of the high court’s order. 

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