Mumbai won't have pet-friendly parks

    Mumbai won't have pet-friendly parks
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    Many gardens and grounds have been developed by the BMC in this city. People visit them for multiple reasons but unfortunately, they aren’t allowed to bring their pets along. People wanted a park or a garden which would be pet-friendly where pets would be welcomed warmly. Sadly, the Municipal administration has rebuffed this proposal.

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    With the increasing population, there are not enough parks and grounds for people to access, amidst this problem, there can’t be parks exclusive to pets, said the administration.

    Municipal Commissioner, Ajoy Mehta, said that it would not be possible to set up ‘pet gardens’ as there’s not enough open space.

    Clinics and pet grooming centres are available across the city. But when pets, especially dogs, are taken out for a walk, street dogs run after them. So it becomes difficult for the owners to handle the situation. It would be convenient for the pet owners if a garden dedicated to pets would be available.

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