BMC slaps stop work notice to 18 builders for not paying premium of INR 357.84 Cr

While redeveloping the project on BMC's land, it is mandatory for the builder to pay a premium to the civic body


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has issued a stop work notice for 18 projects, which are approved under the Development Control Regulation Act 33(7), for not paying a premium of INR 357.84 Crore. The civic body has asked developers to give an explanation for the same.

While redeveloping the project, it is mandatory for the developer to pay a premium to the civic body. According to which, a developer must pay 10 per cent of the project cost when the agreement is finalised and the remaining 90 per cent money after the project completion.

However, from May 5, 2012, onwards, amendments were done and following were the changes:

  • While finalising the agreement a developer has to pay 20 per cent of the cost project
  • 60 per cent to pay after the completion of the redeveloped project and his own private building
  • Remaining 20 per cent to pay after receiving an occupation certificate (OC)
  • It is mandatory for a developer to complete the project in an estimated time
  • If a developer fails to pay the premium, he is subjected to pay the fine every year as per 18 per cent
  • If developer fails to complete the project he gets a stop-work notice
  • A developer then is given a chance to explain his stance
  • If civic body agrees with a builder, then he gets an extension for this project
  • And if a builder fails to convince the BMC, then the project is canceled and new tenders are invited

18 redeveloped projects which received a stop work notice 

  • Mazgaon co-op housing society
    (Messers Shankla Realtors Pvt. Ltd)

  • Ashirwad co-op housing society
    (Messers Shankla Realtors Pvt. Ltd)

  • Abrar co-op housing society
    (Messers BMK Enterprises)

  • Gulmohar co-op housing society
    (Messers Abu Enterprises)

  • New Dholakwala co-op housing society
    (Messers Bukhari Developers Pvt Ltd)

  • Parijaat co-op housing society
    (Messers Om Shanti Properties)

  • Mazgaon Dholakwala co-op housing society
    (Messers Vardhaman Developers Ltd)

  • F/South- Mayur co-op housing society
    (Messers Prime Developers)

  • F/South – Ganesh Leela co-op housing society
    (Messers Prarthna Enterprises)

  • F/South – Jay Gaondevi co-op housing society
    (Messers Om Shanti Grihnirman Developers)

  • F/South – Dharti co-op housing society
    (Messers Om Shanti Housing)

  • F/South – Mahapurush Dadabhai co-op housing society
    ( Messeres Om Shabi Developers)

  • F/North - Azad Nagar Bhadut co-op housing society
    (Messers East-West Builders)

  • G/South – Sharda co-op housing society
    (Messers Om Shanti Buildcon)

  • G/South – 141 Tenants Co-op housing society
    (Messers Yash Enterprises)

  • G/South – Sankalp Siddhi Co-op housing society
    (Messers A A Estate Pvt Ltd.)

  • G/South – Shree Shanti Nagar Co-op housing society
    (Messers Shanti Nagar Venture)

  • G/South – Mangal Bhuvan Co-op housing society
    (Messers Apex Developers)
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