Mumbai Rains: BMC to construct artificial ponds to avoid flooding of Mithi river

Earlier, as Mithi river overflowed on September 4, over 1,300 people had to be evacuated from Kranti Nagar and Bamandaya Pada, which are located on the banks of the river


To ensure that the overflowing Mithi river does not pose any danger to Mumbaikars, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to build artificial ponds. The ponds will aim to store the overflowing water from Powai and Vihar lakes, which had earlier caused the Mithi river to cross its danger mark. The overflowing has taken place for the third time this monsoon and has raised safety issues for the people residing nearby.

Mithi river not only poses danger for the residents living near its banks but has also been responsible for crippling the rail network across Mumbai. The overflowing river has also submerged areas like Kurla, Sion, Chunabhatti, and Matunga on past occasions.

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Due to the heavy downpour in the city, over 1,300 people had to be evacuated from Kranti Nagar and Bamandaya Pada, located on the banks of the river.

Meanwhile, according to the officials, the artificial ponds holding excess water diverted from the lakes will be built either at Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) or Aarey. It is expected that the river’s water level may be controlled by taking the necessary steps.

In the month of September, Mumbai usually receives 327.1 mm rainfall but within four days of September this year, the Santacruz observatory recorded a whopping 488.7 mm of rainfall. Due to heavy rainfall in four days, i.e. September 1-4, the maximum city was left flooded on Wednesday, September 4 which resulted in the disruption of rail services on Central, Harbour, and Western line.

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