Bandra's Bhabha Hospital Goes Green

    Bandra's Bhabha Hospital Goes Green
    Mumbai  -  

    K B Bhabha Hospital of Bandra is the only civic run hospital in the city which is currently creating biofuel with the help of wet waste. Instead of throwing away the organic leftovers in the hospital, the administration is using it to create biogas.

    The making of biogas
    There is a pipe which is installed on the seventh floor of Bhabha Hospital which carries the leftovers into a compost machine which is kept on the ground. The leftovers go directly into a machine after which biogas is generated. This is used to cook food in the kitchen hospital.

    “We don't allow our patients to eat outside eatables. So, our staff prepares the food for the patients. It is been 6 months now we are generating biogas. Earlier, we used gas cylinders but now we cook food on the biogas stove. Nearly 200 kg gas is converted from waste every day,” said Dr. Pradeep Jadhav, Medical Superintendent, Bhabha Hospital.

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